Monday, August 22, 2011

A strong network can help you achieve weight loss goals

 How can having a strong support network of friends keep you on track to stay healthy?

 Your circle of influence is important. Positive, supportive friends will ignite your flame by encouraging you and praising you along the way which helps you stay on track towards your goal. As a word of caution, be on the look out for energy suckers! They are those people who sometimes slip into your life whose toxic thoughts and comments can dampen your flame. Choose to surround yourself with positive, uplifting motivating people. 
Are there any consequences of trying to ‘do it alone’? 
 Doing it alone is a complete myth in terms of the human race. We are all linked and highly interdependent. In fact, there are two common ways to learn. We can use the slow and imprecise method of trial and error, or we can expedite the process and inevitably get a better outcome, by learning from the experts and utilising the skills, knowledge and wisdom of a mentor.
What are the consequences of spending time with friends who aren’t supportive of your healthy life?
  I personally believe there are 3 types of people, the drainers, the cruisers and the energisers. We all have a choice as to who we invite into our life. Positive attracts positive. Spending time getting in touch with your own thoughts can help you identify and shift faulty thinking habits, which in return helps attract positive, supportive people into your life that are more likely to help you realise your goals. Look to maintain a positive energetic state by surrounding yourself with energisers.  At the same time, look to minimize the time you’re spending with any drainers, because their negative energy is only going to hold you back from reaching your desired goal weight.
 Having a workout buddy help you emotionally and your weight-loss attempts.
 Training with a buddy will help you stay motivated, You can both  lift one another’s energy and encourage each other when the other is feeling flat depleted  or tired. Organising extra walks around nature can be an opportunity for you to talk about your emotions and stay on track. Be aware when off loading emotions to your training partner- give energy to one another and move on. Finish your work out together on a positive emotional high.
Having a sympathetic confidante, someone you can call through the ups and downs can help.
 We all need to off load from time to time. Achieving your goal requires hard work, determination and focus and as humans, we have many distractions and obstacles that can knock us off course. Having a supportive confidante to talk to and share your personal weight loss journey with is a big motivator, especially if we’re feeling a little down. In fact, Bottling emotions and trying to do it alone only increases anxiety and stress and which serves to hold you back from achieving your goal. The act of achieving your weight loss goals is helping you to learn, grow and reinvent yourself, so hang in there and stay positive. With a dose of commitment, the right support and a good plan, yes, you can do it!

 How can having a tough love expert, a friend who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is can help you emotionally and  your weight-loss attempts?
The lens through which each of us views the world contains mental filters which bias us in certain ways, so the way we see the world can often not match the reality Opening our mind to other viewpoints and perspectives is a wonderful thing. When we’re in pursuit of our goals, sometimes we can become so single minded that we mis-interpret the situation and slip off track. For example, we can make excuses for not sticking to our diet or exercise plan (eg I haven’t got time) and not realize that we’re simply just making excuses. At times like this, having someone there to be honest and give you hard core facts, in a respectful manner is exactly what is required .
        Changing our old patterns of behavior into productive new habits can be difficult and uncomfortable at times. But successful people are open to receiving new ideas and they are courageous and focused enough to push through the discomfort associated with lifestyle change.
       The mere process of successful change unleashes an energy and inner strength that is a catalyst for continued future personal growth

 Having a kitchen whiz  friend who loves food, cooking and a zest for life  can help you emotionally and with your  weight-loss attempts.

Having a creative friend who is a kitchen whiz can add genuine energy in to your circle of influence and keep you excited about the abundant, healthy food options available. Healthy eating can be tasty and fun and becoming creative by adding more healthy colour to your plate will only enhance your weight loss attempts. A positive approach and a loving attitude to your body and towards food will help you achieve your goal far more quickly and smoothly
Having a role model, a friend who’s done it before help  you emotionally.
  The right role model or mentor has the experience, desire and ability to help you reach your goals in time efficient and a productive manner. Most happy and successful people love to help share and teach others, so utilize this principle to your advantage. As a word of caution, be mindful, when it comes to weight loss everyone’s body is different, and  what worked for others may not necessarily work with you. However having a positive approach and clarity of your goals will be a great start.

In a nutshell...

A basic lifestyle change should be your core objective. A key aspect of this process is to become aware of the thoughts, emotions and actions which are creating the outcomes in your life.
Look to use the full arsenal of tools that I’ve mentioned in this article to help you realize your weight loss goals. A non-negotiable aspect in realizing any challenging goal is to maintain a positive “can-do” attitude. With the right mind-set and the right strategy you’re definitely heading in the right direction