Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 5 Most Common health issues of the modern era

1. Do you struggle with sugar cravings?
2. Tiredness and fatigue?
3. Over weight and can’t lose those extra kilo’s?
4. Poor digestion system and bloating?
5. Have you lost your spark and enthusiasm for life?

In today's world it almost seems impossible to escape some of the health issues, unless you are taking the 'time' to look after your body. That is where the problem is found for most people 'time' how to spend the time productively and  effectively to look after your mind and body in a holistic way to prevent illness, tiredness and weight gain.

 I am  very blessed that over the years I have  learnt how to make my own health number one priority and one of the main reasons for that was so I can live a long healthy vibrant life and help others to do the same.  But there were many changes I needed to make on my journey. I can understand how you are feeling and exactly what it is like juggling all the balls in the air.  Becoming a Mum gave me even more reason and now being a healthy role model for my girls gives me the drive and motivation to continue to become the best version of myself and teach my girls and many others on their life journey.

I  use to live a 'Corporate busy life' where all I did was run my two successful Hair and Beauty Salons, train staff, judge hair competitions all around NZ and became a NZ committee member, worked 80 hrs a week and totally  immersed myself in my work. When the weekends would come around all I knew back then how to relax was go out for Friday night drinks and quite often wake with hangovers. After a while of living a life on the edge and pushing my body to it's limit, something had to give. 
I remember my mum often saying ' You are burning the candle at both ends... slow down' 
When you are in your 20's and you are your won boss, love what you do you feel bullet proof. However nutrition and exercise was something I always loved to do, and I just was not fitting it in to my busy life. 
That is when I took up fitness competitions, I figured, if I set my self a goal, I would make the time. Competing in fitness competitions was not easy, in fact it took on another whole journey where I had to find the time. Excuses had to be gone, and because I was running my business, I become very smart with my time. I trained at 4.30 am and in my lunch hours. 

But after a few years of successfully competing it came time to have a family and put my selfish goals aside and begin a whole new journey. Becoming pregnant changed my life. I was lucky enough to have discover YOGA while competing in fitness comps to help bring balance and calm to my mind and body while I was on that 'crazy' body building diet. 

I practiced a lot of yoga throughout my first pregnancy and still remember the very first class i took, I couldn't help but think I wanted to become a Yoga teacher. Let me tell you, standing up and speaking in front of people let alone teaching them yoga, was scary for me, but I really wanted to achieve this goal and now I haven't looked back. Living a Raw food lifestyle and sharing the Healing ancient super foods certainly has been a wonderful journey over the past 4 years of my own transformation. 

Not only do I teach yoga, I also have the opportunity now days to coach people one on one, in groups on workshops and retreats  to make significant changes to their life so they can also find their  true calling that is more align with what they want out of life, how they dream to live their life authentically. 

We all have a something we are good at and are passionate about, but many people struggle to know it through being caught up with a mundane life. 
The 'Find your True North' workshops have been specifically and carefully tailored to help you discover yourself, recreate yourself and find what you truly want out of life and how to start living it on your terms.

The Find your True North is exactly that, it is about defining your goals, dreams and desires. You get to spend quality time on yourself to really explore why you are here, and what you can do in your life to experience that deep sense of satisfaction, vitality and increase your  longevity for life.  

At the age of forty one years of age, I have never felt so vibrant, energised and happy than ever before and it is now my turn to help you recreate yourself and ignite your dreams and soul so you too can live your ideal life. 

Life is short for many and the only way is preventative health.  This retreat is a small investment when you look at the mass benefits you gain and learn how to add years to your life and put a stop to the things you are doing that don't fulfil your heart and  that are possibly  taking years off your life not adding years. 

Its time to re-organise, re-energise, re-store and rejuvenate your mind body and soul. Learn preventative health tools and techniques and unleash your power within.

I have already transformed many peoples lives and now its your turn. These are everyday people living a busy life just like you. 

Check out Ann's story. Weight loss 19.3 kg in 20 weeks


If you are not in WA and want to get started right away, I can be your personal coach today all you have to do is email for your first complimentary coaching evaluation form.

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Sonia who took up the 10 week challenge  lost 33kg in 20 weeks and still maintains a healthy balanced lifestyle today after her transformation over  2 year ago.

“The FYTN workshop gave me the tools that I had spent a lifetime looking for to realign my life in an environment that was both
nurturing and non judgemental. I walked away feeling both inspired and empowered. Tools that will last a lifetime.” Sonia

Friday, October 4, 2013

When travelling on your own

Travelling on your own can be a very rewarding experience.

It certainly pushes you out of your comfort zone. You have to work things out all on your own and not rely on anyone else to do it for you. You can do what you like when you like and there is no negotiation. Of course given a choice I would love nothing more in the work to be sharing this experience with my girls and my partner.

I am here on my own in Paris and having the time of my life.
This city is phenomenal; the architecture just blows my mind. It is true what they say, it is a very romantic city and has so much going on and to offer. Whether you come here with others or on your own you are guaranteed the time of your life.

Many years ago I was always told dress for success. So my first night here off I went to see the Eiffel Tower all on my on and thought why not get dressed up, just as I would if I was going on a date or about to meet someone special.

But come positives and negatives when travelling on your own being dressed up.
Of course the first time catching the Metro train was an experience.

It was rush hour and I really had no idea what I was doing. There was a huge cue at the ticket and help desk, and me being I, had no time to waste standing in a cue. I wanted to work this out so I could go and enjoy my night.

So I asked one person after the other until a lovely kind man came up to me and said ‘Madam do you need some help?’ He was dressed in business attire and spoke very politely so I instantly trusted his advice. He told me I had to walk a way in the distance to the other part of the train station and go down stairs. He directed me in the right direction and handed me a ticket. I was very grateful, but he did say he wan not sure if the ticket would get me to where I needed to.  I was surprised there was a down stairs. When I walked further I couldn’t believe how big the Gar Du Nord Paris train station is. It blew me away. I followed his directions, and then could see the B line directions the hotel manager advised me to take. I stopped at a ticket machine to check and all of a sudden a man came up and offered help ‘ He was hard to understand, was blind in one eye, and showed me his badge inside his jacket, confirmation of working in the station, he pushed a few buttons on the machine and it came up $6.60 Euro I was about to pay and then another man came up at the same time as this happened the man with the blind eye quickly handed me a ticket, then the other man said ‘show me your ticket!’ I said excuse me! He said ‘ how much did you pay for the ticket’ I was getting a little confused at the time what was happening.
Then he started yelling at the other man, and they were arguing in French of course, then I could see what was happening as I observed. The other man showed me he was an under cover investigator for the station and was threatening to call the police. He continuously asked me for my ticket and how much I paid, he said it should only y cost 1.7 euro and I was being ripped off. I said ‘no I have not paid, this man is ok, leave him alone’ I decided on the spot to free this man. I stood my ground and did not give him the ticket or tell him because right at that time I was still unsure what was going on.
I told home everything is ok, and this man is ok he was trying to help me out and pleas go.
He looked angry like he was out to get him. I said to the man with the blind eye, thank you for helping me but let me give you some coin, I paid him $2.00 euro and I was just happy I got some help.
The story goes I ended up standing there with two tickets and hadn’t paid a cent. But maybe dressing for success is not a great thing when using the train, as you tend to stand out like a sore thumb and target. You also have to be very comfortable when travelling in big cities and you soon realize a good pair of walking shoes is really what you need not high heels. It was a fun night to be out in Paris and everywhere I went this night I was looked after well.
My experience has been nothing but positive with communicating with the French, as long as you give the language a go, and pay respect, smile with gratitude you are looked after well. 

Since then I have worked the machines out and after the next day it felt easier to catch the metro train.
The message in this story is sometimes you have to let go of who is right and who may be wrong, police rules and who wants to feel like some one is out to get you. The man I believe was trying to help me, but probably thought he would make a little tip out of it at the same time, in the end I was the one standing there with two free tickets. I said to him when he left ‘Thank you sir, but please be a good man, do the right thing and do not rip people off, but continue to help them willingly as you did without the need for a pay off and great things will happen’

When great things happen to me, I like to pay it forward, so later on in the evening when I was being driven around on a cart, a French lady in high heels was standing at the corner of a street, waving her arm out for a cab, we stopped and asked her to hop on and we took her to where she wanted to go. The man who was driving me asked me if it was ok, and of course to help pa women in high heels with sore feet, was a pleasure. It was a beautiful moment with a French lady staying in Paris, her name was Celine, and she was there on Property negotiation business and shared with me her work, she was open, positive and loving. When she left she kissed me on both sides of the cheek with gratitude and put her hands into prayer and bowed her head. I enjoyed the experience to PAY IT FORWARD.

After seeing the Eiffel Tower and driving around the famous avenue I asked my driver to drop me off at one of the most popular classy French restaurant so I could fully experience how the French dine. What a beautiful experience, I was very comfortable to be eating out on my own, the service was sensational and the ambiance was something I will always remember. La Avenue was the name of the restaurant and the food was truly exquisite

My experience dressing for success is not for everyone, but I love to dress up always have and it is who I am, I love fashion and to be in Paris was a perfect experience, why I have left coming to PARIS in my 40’s I am not sure but I do know I am very grateful to be finally here and I know I will be back.

Travelling tips

1.   Take every opportunity up especially if you only have a short period of time.
2.   Time goes fast while travelling, so have a plan the night before and work out exactly what you would like to do.
3.   Don’t get side tracked with shopping, it wastes time, allocate shopping time, work out your priorities
4.   Pack healthy food every time you go out and plenty of water. You will need it and always end up out later than expected
5.   Learn a few words of their language all you need is hello, thank you, yes, and thanks so much (Always show gratitude) and goodbye or have a great day.
6.   Use information desks and ask people for help, everyone is willing to help if they can. Choose whom you ask mindfully. Information desks are the best, as My first day here I was lead from one person to the other going around in circles, it wasn’t until I asked a taxi driver to take me there that I found my hotel, in which should have only been waling distance from the train.
7.   Buy fresh fruit for your room, you will need it and great for snacks while you are out, to keep sugar cravings away.
8.   8. Tour buses are the way to go when sight seeing, easy on your feet, you get to see so much more and its really enjoyable. But do allocate some time to chill out and relax and walk around some places on your own to explore.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why a Holiday Temptation?

Do you ever feel flat, tired and bored with life?
Do you crave a break, a getaway but never find the time to take it and always find an excuse to put it off.

I am spending this week in Europe, mainly Holland and Paris exploring the food, cultures and Bikram Yoga. Feeling very blessed to be following my ultimate passion in life and turning it into my business so I can help inspire you and others in life.

One of the things I have noticed working with many Women over the years, is how you can often put your desires and dreams aside, and get so wrapped up with living a mundane life. Doing the same thing day in and day out for others, week by week and before you know it another year can flash by.

I am sure you can think of one person close to you or know of someone who knows someone, who may be terminally ill, or have sadly lost someone suddenly. Life comes with so much beauty and abundance but it also can bring pain and loss.

I know how that loss feels, to lose the one you love, physically to death or maybe a separation. In that time it can be hard to pull yourself out of that place of darkness, and it takes different time frames for all. You cope the best way you can, but at some point, even at a low point of your life, something has to all of a sudden change. That moment when you feel yourself get up with renewed energy to move forward and get on with your own life can be the most transformational time of your life. Because you know in your heart you never want to experience it again.

There is many illness and disease out there and the way people after living and eating, it doesn't seem to be getting any better.
My recent flight to Europe I observed people who were sitting around me, in fact it was a little hard not to. One young man on one side of me sniffed the whole entire time, and the other side of me was another   young man who   drank scotch, and craved his cigarettes and also sniffed and splatted. The there was another man with a big belly out the  front who slept, farts, and snored, also coughing and splatting.  Then later the whole entire plane was sniffing and coughing. I want to spray eucalyptus oil, but I plugged in to my meditation and resisted the judgement.
They must have wondered what the earth I was, sitting there munching on raw food, meditating, and writing all my way to Albi Dalbi. I was most likely annoying to them ha. But what's my point here?

Looking after yourself I think should  be number one value in life. You have to put high value on your body and just like in my first book 'How to be a Happier Mum' means really learning how to look after your body like a temple, it is your house, your home, so where every you go your body can serve you well and carry you through a long healthy life. Its that simple if you abuse your body, it is going  to eventually catch up on you at some point.

There is an old saying what goes in must come out. When you live with this principal, it becomes easy to make the right choices. What foods will give you the out put you want. Those heavy foods will give you that heavier energy, it really is that simple. Staying well clear of any food that is going to make you sluggish while travelling and at home is equally important and is making a long term difference to your health and well being.

Nutrition and relaxation are the keys to the kingdom of health. I know you can get moving and stay active and work hard. Most people are caught up in that cycle with many pressures on to work hard, and struggling to keep that balance in every day life until that moment happens where you just have enough and the holiday temptation beats you.

You book a holiday and off you go, to find some moment to relax, restore, re rejuvenate and reorganise your thoughts.
Or maybe you choose to go to a busy exciting place where you just lose yourself in amongst the culture and adventures of a new holiday destination.

Where ever you choose, provides moments to reflect and one of the purpose of taking a holiday is having that time to fully restore your body and re align your energy and thoughts.
The key is to take your renewed energy home with you and put it into practice, so you can live a fully balanced life. For many it starts off great, after a holiday you have energy and a clear mind. But over time many people fall back into those old habits, and some may be self defeating habits, those things you do that take you further away from achieving your goals than closer towards your ultimate goals.

Following your authentic path is one thing, striving to a single destination is another, and that goal in mind to a final destination is not the ultimate, because you never ever get there, it won't all of a sudden bring you the happiness when you reach it, you have to cultivate the happiness and fulfilment in your heart today. When you reach a goal or a place in your life you think is your dream the universe has a way to show you another lesson, to keep you striving forward and learning in life. If we reach something and just think this is it, you will get bored and not continue to learn and grow.

That moment is when stagnant energy kicks in, and that's when you often start thinking its time for a holiday to break up the mundane life.

I am fortunate to carry this amazing feeling of happiness where ever I go, and its a pleasure to teach and inspire my fans and followers to think outside the box, and empower you to continue to make changes and keep on growing. The universe  will present obstacles and challenges and this is how e grow, these challenges are opportunities for self discovery and growth.

So if you are reading this blog today and have a significant obstacle going on in your life, look for the hidden message, it will appear and that is the magical moment that will help you move through with ease and grace.

So holiday temptation can provide you with many insights. Life is too short, if you want to see a place you have always dreamed then book it, don't hold back, who are you trying to please, your boss your spouse, you bank.

I am finally off to Paris tomorrow a place I only dreamed, I knew in my heart I would go there and although this trip is time limited, I know it is giving me a taste and inspiration to return and explore more food culture very soon.

Take time today to think deeply about a dream destination. Write it down, and look at all your options how you can make it happen. For your body to go somewhere you need to see it and believe it first.

The law of attraction is more powerful than you may realise.

Keep your thoughts clear, you mind in tune with what you want in life not what you fear.
Next blog how to eat healthy while travelling and how to eliminate Jet lag.

Love and light from Holland