Monday, September 29, 2014

The Power of Living Raw is here.

I started my Raw food journey more than four years ago and the difference in how I feel has completely transformed my body, life and mind.
Since stepping outside my comfort zone and embracing a more creative style of food preparation, I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate natural food and its awesome healing power. Raw food gives my body unlimited energy, generating happiness that I am blessed to experience. I feel transformed and I want to share the benefits that I enjoy with you.
Today’s world has become so busy that we often don’t realise that we are not looking after our body and digestive system as best as we can. I believe that it is critical to listen to our body and to learn how to feed ourself in a way that nurtures both body and mind, restores our equilibrium and rejuvenates us, so that we benefit from optimum health.
The recipes that I provide in this book have been designed to accelerate your energy levels and to promote your sense of wellbeing, so that you have the energy to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle and live your busy life.
Raw Food Benefits
I believe that taking care of yourself is the best insurance that you can have for a vibrant life full of joy and happiness, and that eating a good diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, will help to promote good health.
For me, a Raw food lifestyle begins with reassessing the basic foods provided for us by nature. In order to do that, I believe that it is essential to strip out of our diets all foods that are processed or packaged, loaded with artificial flavour enhancers and sweeteners and which are devoid of nutritional value.

Turmeric Root and Powder
Turmeric is a spice with amazing anti-oxidant properties, protecting the body from damage inflicted by free radicals. It also supports the liver function and the immune system. 

Nature provides us with a whole array of healthy foods, which, when incorporated into our diet, provides us with vitality, good health and energy. These foods can offer a perfect nutritional package. When eaten Raw, we benefit from the maximum nutritional value that each of these foods offers.
I believe that ‘living’ foods – meaning those that grow in the ground – are our life force. By integrating living foods into our diets, we can look forward to wellness, greater energy, mental clarity, a positive outlook on life and spiritual awakening.
When you eat Raw food, you’ll notice that you don’t need to eat so much, or need to eat the heavier foods that you previously desired. Lighter food makes us feel lighter and more energized. You’ll never feel as if you are on a diet when eating this way.

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Be Inspired, bless your food, love your body.

Nicky xx

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Are you a busy Mum? Giving out to everyone else, but YOURSELF?

Changing people's lives and leading them to a healthier lifestyle and vitality through my wellness retreats, workshops and online Mind Body Transformation Program to me is  the most satisfying job in the world. 


Read an inspiring story of a busy full time Mum who was giving out everything to her family and work while losing balance and gaining weight. She turned it all around on the MBT program and reclaimed her life, health and happiness. She lost 33kg, discovered a love for yoga and meditation in which she still maintains today and found her passion around photography. 

Meet Sonia from WA 

What was your inspiration or motivation in joining the program?
At some point I took a wrong turn when it came to my well being. The further I travelled down the wrong path the more of myself I lost. I had reached a crossroad and had to decide which path I was going to take. I could stay lost or I could find myself again. If I didn’t look after myself then who was going to look after my family if I wasn’t around to do it myself. 
What have been some changes you have made? I was addicted to Browne's Coffee Chill which gave me heart palpitations, several years ago I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and went on a gluten free diet for 3 months before going back to my old ways, I have had episodes of chest pain in the past which was put down to stress, I had gestational diabetes which puts me at an increased risk of getting diabetes. I was over weight and doing minimal exercise. What was I doing to myself? What with work and family I didn’t have time to exercise or eat properly or so I thought. I have job that I love and is very rewarding but also very challenging and at times stressful. While it is Monday – Friday during school hours it also includes on call and going back into work at least 2 evenings per week for a few hours. It was nothing for me to still be there at 1am in the morning trying to get things done. I would drink coke and snack on chips to get me through  and if I hadn’t eaten a meal (thinking if I didn’t stop to eat I would get home quicker) I would stop for a sausage roll or Chico roll on the way home, often having skipped lunch as well. I had trouble sleeping more often than not because I was worrying about work. I initially thought I would set a goal to lose 10kg but when it came to putting it on paper decided I didn’t want to set the bar too high and wrote down 8 kg.
The first 4 days I’m sure my body thought it was being poisoned. I had the worst headaches and backache.

 I thought I would do 3 yoga sessions as a minimum and walking 5 days a week. I reached my initial weight loss goal within the first 2 weeks and then dared to believe I could lose 21kg in 10 weeks and set about achieving my goal. The first time I tried a green Smoothie I thought I was going to be sick and wouldn’t touch them for the next 3 days but then started having them every day. I have one for breakfast and 1 for lunch so if I don’t get to a lunch break I can have one on the run. I get up at 5am daily  (a little bit later on weekends) and do ½ hr of meditation and then go for a ½ hr walk.  While walking I use this time to say my own affirmations. I upped the yoga to 5x a week and then once the shorter sessions commenced, went to 7 days per week. In week 4, I started swimming again 1x per week. Some days I do 2 of the shorter sessions. I finish each day with a 15-minute meditation. When I go back to work at 1700 hrs, I try and leave again by 2130hrs when ever possible and I take a salad or smoothie with me. It didn’t take long and I was feeling energised, less stressed, sleeping better and the palpation's are now rare, I have more awareness of myself and my surroundings and I am more positive. I found the motivational and visualisation videos great. I still cannot believe that I have achieved my goal of losing 21kg but the biggest gain of all is that I have once again found myself. Thank you Nicky for such a great program. I still have a lot to learn but I am now looking forward to MBT2 and continuing my journey.

Today I enjoy Yoga, swimming and meditation. I have found a renewed energy for my other hobbies such as photography, a deep inner happiness and an appreciation to my spiritual path. Thank you Nicky I will always be grateful for your work and inspiring me to reclaim my health and happiness. Sonia WA 

Next Mind Body Transformation Group start 18th October.  This month we are adding value to your registration. You will receive a package 1 or Premium package 2   to help you get started and give you the tools to help you succeed. 

  • 10 wk MBT program includes, weekly shopping lists, nutrition  advice, recipe plans, motivation and 10 online Yoga and Mediation workouts 
  • Guided Meditation/Relaxation CDS recorded by Nicky 
  • The Power of Living Raw cook book as part of her book launch release date
  • Cooking with Chia 
  • Complimentary one on one consultation with Nicky, to help you discuss your goals.
Offer ends 18th October 2014 Leading you to Christmas this year in the best shape in Mind and Body. 

Check out some results here

Weight loss results 
  • Hi Nicky -4.7 kg for me yay xo 
  • 1.3kg this fortnight Nic so total -6kg
  • Hi Nicky. Pleased to report another 2 kgs down 4 kgs total so far. Not much change in measurements but getting there! Waist: down 0.5cm (total 5cm) Hips: down 0.5cm (total 5.5cm) Bust: down 2cm (total 4cm) L. Thigh: no change (total 1.5cm) L. bicep: down 0.5cm (total 2cm) Going good xx
  • So delighted with these results Bust 6.5cm Waist 7.5cm Hips 3cm Kg lost 4.5 I knew I had lost it from my tummy, but so happy with the measurements
  • Weigh in Day - Yah !!!! Down another 1.5kgs, Bust 2cm, waist 3cm, hips 4cm.......I'm relatively happy twitch this as I haven't been able to exercise at all this week due to being immobile.
  • Thanks Nicky, I think the clean eating is helping a lot with me getting through this time. I need to work more on the mind part , and I feel much better. Measurements- I lost 4.5 from my waist, 3.5 off my hips, 2.5 off my bust, 1 off my thigh, and 0.5 off my bicep, and 3kg in last fortnight to yesterday, although I've lost another 0.6 overnight Total 6.4kg loss in 4 weeks.
 Wow, what a fantastic program you have put together for us Nicky, I feel privileged to be part of your first group as well, there is so much support and advice from you, Day 1 was great,  no cravings for sweet food at all, I knew exactly what I was to eat and when, onwards and upwards for me, its what I need to take my goals to the next level. 

Michelle NZ

The results have been amazing. I have lost 8.1 kg in weight in the first two weeks. I didn't do my initial measurements until day 5 but since then have lost an average 1-2 cm off all areas except the waist, which is now 9cm, less. It is nice to be able to get onto the private FB group  and read your posts. It helps keep me inspired. As I've said before Nicky, when it comes to being a coach, you are awesome.
- Cheers, Sonia WA

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Watch Ann's  story here.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Power of Living Raw is here...

Spring is in the AIR. This is a perfect time to clean up your nutrition and get your mind and body into shape for summer with my new book The Power of Living Raw. 

I am so excited to finally bring you the book in its finished form. Living a Raw Food Life style has transformed my life, my energy and health. 

You can read my tips  in The new Power of Living Raw along with some great simple easy to make recipes and yummy treats that will not lie in your stomach feeling heavy or make you FAT and TIRED. But good FATS are important to your body and in the book it provides plenty of recipes incorporating  Raw Fats that are highly beneficial to your body in moderation, great for your brain function and help and elevate moods and prevent depression.

The book was created with you in mind. To help teach you how to live with the mindset of 'PREVENTATIVE HEALTH.' For longevity, happiness and energy. We all know when we FEEL great we not only look sensational and radiant but we vibrate a certain healthy glow and energy that people just flock to. I promise you by including more RAW recipes into your life you will feel the rewards and reap the benefits.

The book is not formally launched into the shops until October 1st but I have launched my pre orders and receiving books from the warehouse now. 

You can order my NEW book  by clicking on the link below, postage and handling  included. 

2014 Bali Retreat 

Our Retreat in August was a real success. Please read the below testimonial from Tim who shares a lovely in depth diary of each day.
The next retreat is set and already nearly full.  I have taken time out to align the retreat with my book, Yoga Lifestyle and coaching in which all share the common goal, to bring the human body back into harmony and balance and teaching you tools for success, happiness and preventative health.

The resort Fivelements wowed out guests and we can not wait to do it all over again soon. 
Please see the below outline for our 2015 The Body Work Retreat 5-10th July.

The Body Work Wellness Retreat  ~A healing journey of detoxification and transformation~
 On the Body Work retreat  we recognise that optimal wellness comes from learning to love and respect the body, mind, and spirit, where health and well-being are a reflection of inner harmony.
The Body Work Wellness retreat includes, daily yoga, meditation for all levels or beginners, raw food cooking classes, traditional Balinese healing therapies aimed to detoxify and purify the physical body, and the non-physical mind and soul unifying body and mind towards a natural harmonious state of being, and allowing an organic healing process to unfold. 
With your needs in mind, we collaborate with you to nurture a new healing path, combining:
 Balinese Healing Rituals for purification, balance & regeneration
  Living Foods for detoxification, nutrition & vitality
 Daily Yoga and meditation for inner strength, integrity & dedication
Nicky Arthur daily workshops for self-development and Life Transformation 'Helping you to find your True North.'
We invite you to experience a new healing journey with Nicky and Tina and the team at  Fivelements through the mystic culture of Bali.
 ~Love in Action.~

 Tim's Testimonial Story ~A big thank you Tim for sharing~

Nicky Arthur's Bali Retreat - 20-25 August 2014
Nicky mentioned during a Yoga class I was fortunate enough to attend that she had one place available at the Bali Retreat and that started me thinking about attending.
Once I looked at the Fivelements website, I could clearly see that it was a very beautiful place and I had the thought that attending the retreat might help strengthen my resolve to live a better lifestyle and help with my fitness program. I also thought that it might better equip me physically and mentally for my chosen sport. In any event, I thought it would be a nice break and should improve my very basic yoga skills.
A couple of things were not quite clear to me. The food would be vegan and I am not vegetarian. How would I cope? Also, Nicky spoke of healing occurring and I gathered she was not talking about just physical injuries. Did I need mental or spiritual healing? Time would tell.
From the start, the organisation was seamless. On arrival at Denpasar, I was met by Newman, a member of the Fivelements staff who drove me to the resort. There I was greeted by Chicco, the Resort Manager, even though it was now well after 12.00pm, completed my registration, and was shown to my room, where a nice snack and tea awaited me.
The full beauty of Fivelements unfolded with the light of day. My Balinese Villa was very roomy with a king size bed overlooking the terrace which contained a deep bath in its own shelter. All the Villas back onto the Ayung River, which provides a peaceful rippling sound by day and night. My shower was in an enclosed garden adjoining the bathroom, a very nice way to shower.
Venturing outside, the full beauty of the gardens and the resort became apparent. All the buildings are constructed in traditional Balinese style and are very impressive, especially the largest building, Mandala Agung, where we had our first yoga session at 7.00am.
Apart from Nicky, I did not know any of the other people in the group, including Tina Stephens, our other yoga instructor, but Tina gave us a great first class after which we all sat down to our first breakfast in the Sakti Dining Room.
This is when one of my unanswered questions was answered. The food was fabulous! Every mouthful was a treat and the fruit somehow tasted softer and fresher than at home. After Day 1, when we had also had lunch and dinner, I was extremely happy with the food and ready to convert to raw vegetarian food if I could produce that quality at home.
Our daily routine was basically yoga at 7.00am for an hour and a half, breakfast about 9.00am followed by a workshop and free time until lunch at 12.00 noon. Sometimes the workshop would be in the afternoon instead. Then we either had more free time until dinner at 5.00pm. After dinner we had yoga again about 7.15pm.

I recall at dinner on Day1 thinking that there was no way I would feel like doing yoga afterwards, but I found it was a very pleasant and relaxing experience, especially when finishing with meditation and with Nicky taking the class, how could it not be? After evening yoga, I had no problem retiring to my villa, lighting an incense stick and listening to some Balinese music. It was also an opportunity to indulge in such typical Western habits as editing photos, checking text messages, stock exchange performance and posting on Facebook, before gratefully going to sleep!
During our free time we could have our complimentary massage or indulge ourselves in a number of other beauty and/or heath treatments, given by skilled Balinese healers, which were both varied and interesting.
Day 2 started with our first morning yoga session conducted in the Sacred Space, a special circular area set in the gardens of the resort. It was so nice to do yoga outside, see the sky, feel the sun on your body and appreciate nature around us, which once included a curious chicken or two! A circular array of flowers with incense was always present in the middle of our yoga areas. The staff provided us with juice and towels at the end of each session, which were welcome. Tina conducted the morning classes and it was always a delight to work with her.
I had not met Tina before, but I found her totally approachable and a great teacher and I very soon felt that I had known her for ages.
On Day 2 we had one of the highlights of the Retreat, a raw food cooking class guided and assisted by Made, the Resort's Head Chef. In pairs, we prepared three courses which we then sat down and ate. We were very pleased with the outcome of our efforts!

Nicky conducted the workshops which were devoted to nutrition, life goals, strategies meditation and goal setting. I found the workshops informative and thought provoking and more to the point, action provoking. We were all surprised when we attempted meditating for 20 minutes on Day 3 and found that the time seemed to pass in about 5 minutes.
On Day 4 we ventured into Ubud and did some sightseeing and shopping and had lunch. Perhaps it was preparation for returning to the real world after spending 4 days in what seemed to be the Garden of Eden. Strangely, we all thought it felt longer than 4 days. Definitely some time suspension going on there!
Another highlight of the retreat was a surprise arranged by Nicky and Tina on the evening of Day 4. This was attending Agni Hotra, an ancient Hindu fire ceremony conducted by a Hindu priest.
The idea is to literally burn our negative thoughts and promote our positive thoughts and this was done with us dressed in saris and a sacred sash, sitting around a fire which we fed with wood and seeds as offerings to the accompaniment of mantras and gongs delivered by the priest, which rose to a crescendo when we the smashed a coconut representing the removal of our hard shell and the opening up of our pure heart. We then fed the coconut into the fire. We all felt pretty hot and inspired after that I think!
We were a group of 6 people for this first Retreat. We all bonded very well and enjoyed each other's company. By Day 5 I feel we were all very close, knowing that we had all shared a unique and beautiful time together.
As is usual at the end of a holiday, there were feelings of sadness when we came to the last day, especially as it involved saying goodbye to people we had got to know and like, however, we were all feeling so resilient and happy at the end of the retreat that this seemed to make the parting easier. We all feel that we will meet again at some stage, hopefully, at the next retreat!
By the end of the retreat, we were all looking more relaxed and happier than when we arrived. The smiles gave it away really!
So did I feel that healing had taken place in me? Indeed, I did. Physically, there had been some weight loss and no doubt some improvement with my yoga. But there was also a feeling of inner happiness and mental refreshment as well. I feel more calm and relaxed and, in a strange way, purer in thought and spirit.
I feel I have been shown a better path to follow than I had before and that I have a greater understanding of both myself and others.
I think the healing also gave me a clearer view of my own reality, not all of which I like, but which I need to accept in order to be as happy and fulfilled as I can be. I am feeling more creative and thinking of making plans for a different future than I had in mind when I arrived.
Thank you, Nicky, Tina, Jacinda, Jutta and Sonia for making possible what was an experience of a lifetime and one that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
This is more than just great yoga and beautiful food. It can help you to become a better person.
Finally, I must thank the staff of Fivelements, who were always so friendly, helpful and professional and who's beautiful, gentle natures always shone through.
With sincere gratitude,
Tim Walter.
4 September 2014

For more information on the next retreat please asap so we can send you more information and discuss plans, packages  and payment options with you.
There were so many highlights from the retreat, and it is hard to single one out, but the daily yoga outside in the morning was truly beautiful and peaceful then being served a lovely healthy juice and chatting after to each other was just bliss. Connecting to god, human and nature I suppose was the gift. Nicky xx
To check out more details and view images from 2014 Retreat click on the FB page or like the page to keep updated. 

Lastly  I am back to Karratha for my yearly 3 day Retreat for the locals to indulge and challenge themselves this involves  two Yoga sessions a day plus a 3 Day Detox plan. It is a big event this year with 100 people attending. I then go to Port Hedland for a 1 day YogaFit program  as being part of my official book tour. Later in the year I finish the year off in Cootamundra  for a 'Bat for Joe' charity event 1 day YogaFit workshop and promoting the book. I plan to settle in NZ for Xmas and be with my family and loved ones. 

The Mind Body Transformation program has been updated and is still helping many mums and women bring balance, weight loss and harmony back into their life. A great program if yo hare unable to attend any of my retreats and workshops.
Check out the next kick off here. We are excited to include the NEW BOOK to the program and help as many people as possible make changes to their body, mind and life today. 
Check out the MBT  program here. For next kick off 18th Sept.
Nicky xx