Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eating healthy while Travelling and stop Jet lag.

Wow I am here in Los Angeles for my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. I was so impressed on the plane with my food I wanted to share to help others know it is possible to continue to eat healthy when travelling.

When I normally travel I take my own fruit nuts and veges. This time when I booked I notice I could select RAW VEGETARIAN! Of course I was excited, but also interested to see. 

Six weeks on and I forgot I had ordered this RAW VEGETARIAN FOOD, so much preparation was taking place prior the departure, from packing up my house ready to move on my return, to organising my precious girls and fitting in intense training and study.

So here I am on my flight and next thing I receive my meal well ahead of everyone else. I am wondering why am I so special? Why am I receiving my meal way before anyone else. 

Wow I was impressed, it was nearly everything I normally eat. A fresh plate of all my favourite  raw green vegetables and a side plate of salad and fruit.

A while after  I was served a fresh fruit salad, the freshest possible! I had my own chamomile tea with me and I felt like I was in heaven. 

The flight was 13 hrs and my amazing Auryvedic Mind and Body Doctor Rama Prasad gave me some tips for travelling to try and minimise any jet lag. One of them was to minimise heavy foods and grains and drink plenty of water.

I could have done better with the drinking, but once I had eaten I pretty much tried to sleep as much as possible in fact the whole way there I curled myself up and if I wasn't sleeping, I was relaxing and meditating.  I also used my  essential oils, a beautiful blend of chamomile oil and lavender. 

When we started our descend I was again served before everyone else a plate of RAW VEGETABLES this time with humus. Again this was heaven to me, and pretty much what I would eat for breakfast. 

So my banana and strawberries that were packed up the top in my bag in case my food didn't meet my expectations, was not needed. 

Now for the best part this flight was one of the best flights I have had. I have flown business class before but this was VIRGIN AUSTRALIA and I was impressed. I had great service, everything I needed, plenty of room, and it was a beautiful new plane.

Thanks to Dr Rama Prasad and his tips to minimise jet lag, I arrived in LA raced around all day organising my food and phone and  managed to stay up until it was bedtime time in LA. I slept for 10 hrs and no jet lag.

I had my first class last night and felt like my body was in PEAK PERFORMANCE, in fact I had one of my best practices. 

I am not allowed to blog or face book while here about what goes on at Teacher Training and I can understand why, so folks I will be in touch with more HEALTHY TIPS for your mind and body and share my personal experience while staying here in LA for the next 9 weeks.

Try a RAW FOOD DAY, your body will love it, not only will it alkaline your system it will provide you with unlimited energy.

Have a fantastic day!

Live from Hollywood 

Nicky xx

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