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Want to TRANSFORM & CREATE CHANGE to your body?




Look GOOD, feel GREAT


TRIM, TIGHTEN & STRENGTHEN COACHING. 10 weeks could change your life!




1.It simply doesn’t look good


2.Increase risk of Heart Disease


3.Reduces your “Get up & Go” each day


4.Extra strain on your joints


5.Reduced fitness


6.Personal problems

-reduced self esteem

-reduced confidence

-relationship problems/attractiveness

-if you don’t look good, you don’t feel good... vice versa




You need to keep your BODY FAT levels safe




Decrease body fat - by increasing toned muscle and reducing and burning calories


Attain muscle definition and tone - through resistance training


Renewed energy levels - decreased body fat and increased fitness levels = more energy


Develop healthy eating habits - educating about ‘carbs, fats and proteins’ and how the glycemic index works


Improve health and fitness - increase immune system and become sick less often


Enhance motivation and self-esteem


Increased flexibility - increased mobility and injury prevention


Enjoy changes to your body - notice muscles firming and clothes becoming looser


Target problem areas







1.Reduces Your Body Fat Levels

-Trim & Tone your body shape

-Change your figure

-Drop a clothes size or two!

-Look & feel great for summer


2.Increase Fitness and Endurance

-More energy for the day ahead

-Enjoy fun with your children

-Keep up with your partner!

-Enjoy what life brings






Change Your Body Shape

 But you have to have a PLAN. That's where I can help you, make it happen. 





3.Increase Your Body’s Metabolism

-Body burns more energy while not exercising

-It makes it harder to put body fat back on

-Easier to maintain your new body shape


4.Health Benefits

-Increased bone density

-Reduced risk of osteoporosis & bone and joint problems

-Normalise your blood pressure

-Reduce the risk of diabetes

-Reduce emotional & physical stress

-Better concentration and better sleep

-Reduce health care costs

-Better quality of life







Improve your sex life!



If you like learning and want to learn success tools to really transform sustain energy and create change you can maintain contact me today. 
You will learn how to become more disciplined and stay on track, you will enjoy the journey as the positive changes happen fast which give you the inspiration and motivation to carry on. 

You will receive  one on one coaching from myself, workouts, yoga workouts, meditation and also in depth  nutrition guidelines to help take
your body to a new level.
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Where will you be in 10 weeks? Feeling and looking the same or completely transformed with a NEW YOU look and renewed excited energy? 

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By Nicky Arthur 

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Friday, February 12, 2016



INFLAMMATION ~ a common problem in today's world! 

This week I will discuss what foods and supplements help to reduce inflammation and what foods could be causing increased inflammation in the body.
 Unless you are eating and supplementing to account for this, you could be seriously impeding your results and negatively impacting your training sessions. Look out for my next blog with an easy to follow list of how you can create change and eliminate inflammation. 

Any athlete who pounds his or her body day  in and day out with intense training, cycling, sprints, long weekend runs, and the list goes on, is inflamed in some way. These activities all have a profound impact on the body. Not only do they initiate increases in strength, muscle growth, and increased endurance, but they also increase the amount of inflammation in the body. This inflammation could be from stress and the subsequent cortisol release into the body, the swelling of joints, or the breaking down and building back up of muscle protein. Even working in the same job doing the same repetitive action with your body can cause inflammation! Mine was exactly that. 
Check out the image in the header, when I started YOGA I could barely lock out my elbows, and feet then back beside my ways. The cause was from 20 years hairdressing, causing joint pain in my elbows and knuckles. I thought I was heading for serous carpel  tunnel surgery! Yoga healed me! I had other major issues join in but that's for another time. 

Try the posture above, stand in the front of a mirror. Reach up towards the ceiling, try to lock out elbows, arms with your ears. Bend your body with out compromising those steps. BREATHE! 

I see it often on my classes, tight shoulders, swelling  around knee joints, sore back, hip joints, knees and ankles.the list goes on.  It's all joint related, but the big AHA moment for me was NUTRITION & YOGA! 
Maybe we all could benefit from going back to the ANCIENT PRACTICE OF YOGA, and eating a PLANT BASED DIET and meditating. 

Whether you have weight to lose, hormones to rebalance or inflammation in the joints we could all benefit from the yet simple and effective lifestyle of yoga and plant based healing foods.

 Understanding inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods is important. Knowing what can be used to help alleviate or aggravate  inflammation in your body might just be the key you have been looking for to boost your next work out and keep your body in tip-top shape and pain free! 

I know how it feels to have inflammation and pain I the body, over the past 5 years I have mastered how to get my own body out of joint pain, muscle tightness and live with increased energy and happy and open  joints, a happy body and calm  centered focused mind, a calm mind a happy body~ a happy life. 

For a health assessment call Me today 
I can help you out of pain, direct you to making important changes to your own body, adding value and longevity to your life. 

What can I do today? 

Today's Tip and change for you! 

My favorite healing food 

What to eat more of!

Broccoli - Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins C and K, beta-carotene, and calcium, giving this humble vegetable great anti-inflammatory properties.

What not to eat?

I learnt many years ago, over 25 years back  in my body fitness competition days from my coach/mentor that Sugar is simply poison for your body! I did study nutrition during my Personal  Training  Course but not as intensively as I studied the healing foods in relation to inflammatory, brain function and immunity boosting ( preventative health) throughout my fitness comp training days and my Yoga Nutrition Journey loving a raw food life. 

It's the big artificial SUGAR, a complete  NO NO and found on everything packaged! But people don't take this serious enough, and continue to grab it and especially when they are stressed! 

Don't eat it! It's that simple!

 Sugar is not only an addictive substance but is highly inflammatory. This is because sugar raises insulin levels in the body that in turn trigger an immune response.

Lastly another really vital NO NO is WHEAT. The western world is finally steadying to listen to this one. 

Wheat is highly inflammatory and acid forming to certain individuals. Not to mention a major portion of wheat production is genetically modified, so avoiding it where possible is a very positive thing.

I will be back soon with an easy to follow list of healing foods for joint pain and foods you have to avoid of you are experience inflammatory ~ which is most of the population. 

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