Saturday, July 7, 2012

Find Your True North takes time and COURAGE!

Ever felt like you are stuck in a rut, doing the same old mundane things, no closer to your real dreams or goals. Or maybe you are like me and didn't even realise I was stuck in a rut many years ago. You see I had this vision of what i am doing now  many years ago, but there was a time where I was not doing anything about it. Yes I had to sacrifice a few significant things in my life... but it sure is rewarding now to live with real soul purpose and have balance and all the time to fit everything in my life I desire. 
Gaining alignment to 'Finding your True North' takes time. It takes courage to make the changes you thought were never possible. It takes focus and concentration to stay in your zone. It also can be confronting to ones self to look closely and deeply within your own attitudes, mindsets and beliefs.
 Once you find your True North it can be the most rewarding satisfying and fulfilling journey you will ever take.

The significant changes I  have made to my life in such a short period is now paying off. 
If you feel like nothing is working, or self help, positive thinking, visualisation, goal setting is just not working, you must carry on and BELIEVE in yourself even more. 
In the Find Your True North Workshop you learn the tools and techniques that not only will help you gain  alignment to  your life to what it is you truly want, not what others may want  for you, or what you think you should, or being pushed around by your environment,  you will gain a deeper connection with yourself and an inner happiness and abundant life ever thought possible.

 Bali Retreat is December 4th -8th.  This Retreat will help you move forward, gain alignment, energy, detox, relaxation, and possibly have those epiphany moments where you can find your soul purpose in life.  Eat Love Meditate retreat is not a place to starve yourself to eliminate toxins, its about providing your body with nutrients and rejuvenation.

Before another year ends and you find yourself no closer to any of your real goals passions or inner happiness come to Bali and take the tome out of your life you deserve to rejuvenate and gain clarity. 

Email today to book.

Love and light