Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unleash your Power Within.

It is time to shine.

Life is not designed to be a struggle, yet so many in today's world easily get caught up in the mundane daily routines and struggle of the daily grind.
It is time to get off the treadmill and take stock of your life. This is a decision you come to in your mind and self realization in your heart that you deserve to live a happy, healthy blissful life.

The power of the mind is phenomenal and you are an unlimited supply of energy containing love. Happiness and compassion.

Life comes with challenges and obstacles. Like thorns getting in the way of our path, you have two choices to deal with those road blocks.
1. Put on your shoes and walk over them step step by step with an 'I can do this ' attitude or
2. Stop and become stuck.

We all experience these moments throughout your life journey.

Follow my  tips this week to help clear the path and turn your light on internally.
1. Meditate... Just sit in silence and connect with breath
2. Listen to your self talk. Become aware of what energy you are sending out to the universe.
3. Become crystal clear of your intentions, what do you want. What you are thinking is manifesting  your outcome.
4. Practice the power of gratitude. The more grateful you become, the more goodness you will experience in your life.
5. Forgive the past so you can move forward into happiness and love.
6. Believe in yourself. You are a powerful unlimited supply of love and vibrant energy. You have to feel it to become it.
7. Shine light with everyone you come in contact. You become the first one to smile, to thank and to say 'I love you'
8. Trust in the process and know where you are right now is part of your life journey. Ask quietly within 'What is my lesson here in this challenge today?'
9. Laugh and find JOY in the simple things that life offers.
10. Get active. Unleash stagnant energy by exercising and taking a  positive motivating approach.

No more excuses today take full responsibility where ever you are now, to end the struggle and enjoy everyday of your life. Sing, love, laugh, dance, and have fun at work or at  home! You are the architect of your life. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

What a perfect day to write about the real meaning of LOVE.
Love is a feeling and emotion and you know it when you feel it. My experience of deep passionate love as I often described it to my girlfriends has been 'La La Land'.
 It is that feeling where nothing else matters in the world and you are in a higher state of awareness of inner and external  peace harmony and joy. Everything flows and it is an energy that literally fills you up.  Love is a internal light and I know my fans will be looking forward to reading my personal philosophy on LOVE AND LIGHT. 

It can be the feeling of freedom and the end  to struggle and suffering. The love and human touch warms your heart and makes you feel safe and secure. 
However there can become struggles if we do not practice the true meaning and understanding of LOVE.
Here are my tips and wisdom of what I know Love and Light 
1. To feel LOVE you must GIVE love
2. Love is unconditional... no boundaries, contracts or terms.
3. Let go and feel Love flourish your body and soul and allow your beloved to flow... do not hold them back. 
4. Trust love... end the pain of jealousy, controlling, anger, frustration. Let go today and give what you truly want to feel. Love, peace, happiness, joy.
5. Practice compassion to over come struggle... practice kindness. Know compassion has the ability to melt away the anger or frustration, do not expect anything in return... give love  freely
6. Practice sympathetic joy to overcome hatred. Happiness and joy arises when one practices sympathetic joy. Wish your beloved and others happiness success and joy.
7. Practice non-judgement... this is the key to experiencing a deep unconditonal love for ever... non attached is looking at things openly and EQUALLY because myself and others are not separate. We are one and the big lesson is not to reject one thing only to chase after another .
8. Learn to love yourself unconditionally... do things to nurture your mind and body, be kind and practice ' I love and accept myslef' or 'I am letting go and surrender to love and kindness'
9. Affirming Love is one thing, action is everything... what action can I take today to show my love is pure. It needn't be with presents or even roses... it maybe just a touch and a hold of the hand in total silence. Or a walk together around nature... stopping along the way to smell the roses together. 

Practice my tips everyday not just because today is Valentines Day... 
although  I believe this day can be a perfect opportunity to express your love and kindness to those around you. Whether it is a new relationship or a stale one,  this day has a huge offering to 'OPEN YOUR HEART and allow the love to flow and flourish your mind,  body and shine it to your beloved.  You can move on and align your life to a deeper love and move to a new level you have never experienced before. 
Love and light 
Nicky x

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why treat your child with simple things rather than junk food.

Psychology often fascinates me especially as I mature and grow older. You can start to reflect back to how you have been bought up and how it can effect your behavior, attitude, and  how you respond to challenging situations in your life. 

Let's face it; life comes with problems, however they needn't be problems. It is how we see and react to a problem, challenge or fall.  With a negative attitude or positive. 

Children fall when they are young, whether it is physically and hurt themselves  or whether it could be failing and exam, they feel like they have fallen and can out them into a dark place or a low place where it can be hard to pick themselves up.
I remember this clearly as a child. I remember the pain, but I also remember having the courage to pick myself up and try again. 
These days living in today’s world being surrounded by treats, junk food and unlimited supply of toys, discount stores and even your local  supermarkets it is becoming a toy shop filled with sugarary lollies.
It is important  as Parents get back to nature and reward our children with the simple things in life. Get creative and make them a card, a note, or a bunch of home made flowers. If you want to treat them with a really special gift then it could be an experience, like a 'Ice skating' or 'camping' 'Bush walk picnic'

Try this week to find a special treat without using food, especially junk food. The danger of using sugary food as it can act as a trigger. In theory every time the child falls, fails, or hurts themselves they could be at risk later on in life ' binging' on sugary food or using a food to comfort them when faced with challenges, obstacles or at a low point of their life.

Children adapt so easily and all it takes is strength and commitment  to follow through with what truly will serve our children the best when it comes to health and mindset attitudes.

Practicing positive affirmations, giving praise and listening along with that special natural simple gift to lift spirits and that just maybe a big cuddle and spending Mummy or Daddy one on one time.