Saturday, January 21, 2012

Perth Seminar Raw Food Recipes and highlights

What a fabulous day at Etro Cafe A funky, professional and earthy environment which aligned well with the first 'Power of living a Raw Food lifestyle' Seminar for 2012.

I had the time of my life with my Perth fans. Many great things came out of today’s seminar.  This is a taste for the next  follow up workshop ‘Find your True North’ where you can deepen and widen into  gaining alignment with mind, body and soul.

Sonia our inspirational member who has now lost in total 33kg on the 10 week Mind and Body program spoke from her heart and shared her story. Thank you Sonia for giving your time today and inspiring others to make healthier changes to their life.

Thank you for those who attended. Here are some highlights from today.

GLUTEN- a starch, protein found in wheat  kumut, spelt barley, rye, malts. A food additive and flavoring, thickening agent that is affecting your body in a negative response. In a nutshell your body was not designed to process GLUTEN, hence why so many people have weight gain, digestive problems and sluggish energy.

DIARY- unnatural, pasteurized, homogenized … what you drink its not what the cow eats, grass.  Most cows are fed soy based feeds instead of grass, and most have antibiotics and artificial stimulants.  So they produce a synthetic FAKE vitamin. In a nutshell: the milk you think is fresh from the COW is not, and the CALCIUM you think you are getting has been destroyed in the process of pasteurization. There is a list of disease brought on by DAIRY is long and intricate: Asthma, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel symptoms, and hypertension.

SUGAR- Toxic Acid causes the body to become ACIDIC and is the Drug and Fat promoter. In a nutshell: when the Ph level in your body becomes in an acidic state, it becomes ripe for illness and disease. It thrives in this state and your body craves more sugar. ‘It aint so SWEET’
Our Mind and Body Transformation program will teach you step by step to eliminate sugar cravings, incorporate a whole new way of eating raw and healing for your body to create a ALKALINE ph level by using alkaline foods.

COOKING FOOD: Destroys all nutrients and vitamins. Cooked food becomes a DEAD energy or devoid of LIFE FORCE. It often lies heavy in our stomachs and saps energy.

VARIETY- Mono diets even raw are not necessary healthy. The MBT program is about eating an abundant supply of a varied diet to obtain essential vitamins and minerals to ensure we do not overdose in one particular food. Oils and fats help the body produce hormones and maintain healthy nervous system. Incorporating GREENS give us Chlorophyll to help detoxification and heal the body and other vitamins and minerals including magnesium.

Please share my recipes with you and your families. 

Nic’s unique GREEN dip (OR SOUP)
1 Avocado
1 tablespoon diced Spanish onion
1 vine tomato
1 cucumber
1 freshly squeezed lemon
2 basil leaves
1-tablespoon fresh continental parsley
1 spinach leaf
1 teaspoon almond oil or any cold pressed oil
½ teaspoon sea salt
Blend well until smooth
Use as a dip for your fresh vegetables or pour into small bowl and garnish with cubed avocado, cucumber, tomato, fresh herbs – very YUMMY!

Nic’s RAW Hummus
1 cup of organic chickpeas  (soak 24hrs)
Boil jug and soak chickpeas for 1 – 5min after pre soaked for 24hrs
1 small garlic clove
1 teaspoon Spanish onion
1-tablespoon fresh continental parsley
1 tablespoon almond oil or any cold press oil
1 freshly squeezed lemon
1 tablespoon organic Tahini unhulled
1-teaspoon sea salt
Blend really well until extra smooth

Enjoy Raw Foodies!

Sonia lost 33kg on our MBT program the holistic way and is an inspiration to many!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did you know your body was designed to THRIVE!

I am continually fascinated with the feedback regarding human beings health and complaints of being sick, tired and stressed.

 Meditation and living a conscious spiritual life has not only opened the path to enlightenment for me put also helped me align my life to a more healthier, vibrant and grounded self. Feeling really connected and aware of every thought, every action and what goes into ones gob can be a constant struggle. From my personal experience of self-discovery and personal growth I have learnt fast overcoming one set back or obstacle strengthens you each time. You can use this with awareness to what you eat, think and how you act. 
Emotional eating can be a struggle for many. When you eat under stressed, rushed and not relaxed it can put more stress on your digestive system, making it more difficult to break down the food, and causing your body to work harder, hence why you feel tired and fatigue when stressed. Cortisol an important hormone in the body released in ‘Flight or fight’ mode can have positive effects on the body. However contined  high levels of  cortisol causes
§  the body to hold onto unwanted weight gain.  You can find it a struggle to lose weight if you are not relaxed. I am not talking about relaxing and becoming a couch potato! 
§  Impaired cognitive performance
§  Suppressed thyroid function
§  Blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia
§  Decrease muscle tissue
§  Lower immunity
§  Increase abdominal fat

The human body was designed to thrive and one of the best ways to get your body thriving with an unlimited supply of energy and vitality is to use what I like to call 'Nutritional Therapy'

Here are my tips on eating a Raw Food Lifestyle.

I am excited to be in Perth on Saturday and would love to motivate, inspire and educate you and your friends. So I am offering a special promotion on this blog. Two for one promotion.
Bring your friend to the Seminar Saturday 21st 2pm- 3 pm Etro Cafe Perth and pay only for one ticket.

You can book online today at and mention this blog on the day when you arrive with your friend.

Enjoy my tips.

Love and light 

Love and light 
Nicky xx

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why you should eat seasonal fruit and vegetables

I am building the most amazing vegetable garden, inspired by my Dad's organic garden in NZ. So I am researching to find out what and how to do it the best way we can.  Although my Dad has some great tips I am yet to interview him for his '10 best tips' and share.  This is what I would like to share today. 

In today's rapidly changing, fast paced world , and ready available life style it  can take us right away from what nature intended us to do, eat and breathe.
Yoga and meditation has taught me to realign my life and it is all about Life Force. Energy, light and connecting to your God, divine energy or higher self.
Live raw food will give you energy, and light. Because it is live from the sunlight and becomes a live energy. Packet processed food is a dead energy, a dead food that will leave you feeling heavy and tired. 

Follow the seasons!

Take a look at fruits and vegetables. You can often  buy any fruit and vegetable  pretty much all year round and we tend to think that is healthy.
Nature intended fruits and vegetables to be planted and eaten seasonal. 
If we plant vegetables that are out of season, the bugs come and become almost impossible to control without using chemicals.
At the start of stone fruit season we enjoy the new flavours and textures available and we often crave these fruits in season with out even knowing. 
However through habit we tend to have these fruits all year round and as I am learning this is not wise.
You can become deficient if you were to eat the same food or be on a Mono diet. It is vital your body gets the right nutrients and mineral for LONGEVITY and to live in a pain free body. 
Every food has a season and every 3 months the season changes. In winter nature intended us to eat warming sulphur based foods, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage. Now that is funny, I spent all of winter eating these foods and summer I have not eaten much of them at all. I eat intuitively and meditation has taught  how to do so. I feel at peace and know what my body needs. 
If we try growing foods out of season this is when the bugs come. BOOM! Magic! So if we grow foods in season the bugs seem to will be a minor problem.
 I am yet to truly find that one out as I plant my own. From my  research, this is natures way of ensuring that we only have foods in season... but like the rest of the world we are moving away from nature and what it truly intended us as healthy vibrant and radiant human beings. It makes sense to me, how many people  do you see walking around tired,  lacking energy and VITALITY?
This also ensures that we do not overdose in any one food. 
My tip today is 'If we follow the seasons and consume these  foods we will ensure we have VARIETY and OPTIMAL health. Just what nature intended you to do. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 weeks to change, lose weight, change old habits, increase energy!

I have had many inquiries on face book about my program.
Christmas time was fun and you ate up, relaxed and partied, but health will catch up with you sooner or later... and LONGEVITY is what we all want right!
It is vital for people to look after their health and I am afraid to say NUTRITION is a big part of that. in fact it is the KEY... along with managing stress. So this is some of what the program will include.

You will receive 3 mindset videos from me pr week, just to listen to and teach you new things, motivate you and inspire you to change. We are looking for LONGEVITY- to be here for our children and ourselves longest time-possible and have quality of life.. your health.

The online workouts  (Yoga and CORE based including relaxation)are recommended 3-7 times pr week... if you had a lot of weight to lose you would practice  5 workouts  pr week  at least.

Sonia who lost 22 kg in 10 weeks did it everyday, without fail and mangers the Maternity Ward in WA, a very busy woman. She loves how she now  feels and besides the weight loss has a sense of calm and organised skills. One learning to herself first, amongst work and being a MUM! She has now lost  over 31. kg.

Ann lost 20 kg and is on the inspirational board with Sonia,  a full time Mum for first 10 weeks  in the program and Ann is now back at work and continued on mBT2 and lost her other 10 kg she wanted! She looks and feels amazing... she is a different person inside and out, radiates Vitality. 

 Nutrition , you are expected to fill in your nutritional planner, this works.. .and will help you put focus on what you want to happen- change old habits and eat healthier. 
Grocery Lists are sent out every week 1-10 wks with treat days for each weekend... healthy treats! This side is fun and teaches you how you can have yummy food without using preservatives , chocolate and crap to satisfy you - which will never satisfy you anyway.... the way I teach and eat, leaves you feeling light satisfied and HEALS and acts as a detoxification for your body everyday. 

Goals are a big part of the program, you are expected to write your goals at the start and prepare a folder to keep all the content in. 

Affirmations are used to help re-program your mind, and they work. 'I am healthy' 'My body is healing within and I have vitality' 

You can visit the site to look at the FAQ and sign up from there.

We have had many sign up this week so there is a great team of Mum's this week Kicking off and this is where the Forum can be fun and a place to share your experiences, thoughts and challenges.

You will learn not only how to look after your body HOLISTICALLY - drug free but also great MINDSET skills that help you with everyday LIFE! And I will help you every step of the way. All you need to do is stay with me step by step and RESULTS will happen in 10 weeks. 

I welcome all my new members as part of my family and happy to answer any questions along the way, or extra coaching one on  one is provided if need be through skype or email. most people sign up and like to follow in their own time and at the end of the day it is all about growing , learning and becoming the BEST YOU CAN BE... .by doing the best you can with your time, schedules commitments.
Check out the  10 week mind and body face book page  click on Inspirational Board and see for your self. This is a holistic healthy way to changing your, body your life, no preservatives, wheat free, dairy free. Heal your body from sugar cravings and YO YO dieting for good.

I am a online coach and love it... so excited for you to take up the challenge and make 2012 the best YEAR ever.. whether you are a stay at home MUM, part time or FULL TIME.
It is your time to SHINE!

Love  Nicky  
Love and respect your body, love life  and love healthy  food

I can be your MBT COACH today xx
 We are looking for our NEXT big inspirational member for 2012. It could be you. Win a Photo shoot and have movie clip made of your story!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Long term health and longevity.

Body and Soul.
I believe when improving your self development, practising yoga and mediation your Body and Soul  change.  You become  different person and so it is. You evolve, grow and change. You  operate out of a  new state of MIND and HEALTH in every moment of your life. 
This I believe is staying with AWARENESS  in everything you do. The challenge for many is when you become really busy again you can easily step out of awareness to grabbing some food on the run that may not serve you or your health LONG TERM. The only way I believe to master this is to FULLY understand how important every mouthful of food is to your body and your LONGEVITY. You do not have to feel you are on a diet when eating healthy. On my 10 week online Mind and Body Transformation program you learn how to make yummy healthy treats, have tasty food and be creative with your food whilst keeping it wholesome, fresh and raw. 
I believe keeping up with morning meditation is going to help you everyday stay balanced, grounded and connected to your true authentic self.
You body and soul will continue to change and do not want to stay the same, and there is always room for self-improvement, you simply cannot deny that.
Your  spiritual growth may take you by surprise and in unexpected directions your job is to STAY OPEN.  There is a flow of Love, goodness, justice and compassion in the universe and you can serve that flow by being  willing and open vessels to the universe.
Raw Food
There is an abundance of  information  on what to eat and what not to eat. Throughout my journey I give thanks everyday for discovering yoga, meditation and living a Raw Food lifestyle. Why because it has taught me to align myself back to nature and become the only person ACCOUNTABLE for my own health and life. I believe the best and only way to to discover  ‘NUTRITIONAL THERAPY’ is to continue your own research, follow what feels right intuitively for you and your body and stay true to 100% NATURAL as much as you can with food.  
 An ideal life  you  would eat 100% Organic and raw everyday. I believe doing the best you can with full awareness to what you eat everyday is taking out the best life insurance ever. Learn to trust natural medicine, use 'Nutrition Therapy'  and 'Super Foods' if illness or fatigue sneak in. Raw food will help keep your body in an alkalising state, when your body is in this state it is less likely to get sick and become tired. 
Processed foods and stress will form acid in the body, changing the pH level in the body  and your white blood cells, when this happens you can  get sick.
We have known for  years the Japanese have great longevity. Why?  Look at their diet, mostly raw fish, seaweed and drink they drink  green tea. Green tea is full of cancer fighting antioxidants.  Research shows us in America 13% woman get breast cancer; in Japan under 1%  woman get breast cancer. If a Japanese woman lives and eats  an American way of life she will fall into that 13% category. You can become Accountable for our own health.
You will need to take vitamins, especially if you are not eating organic, primarily because of the soil and life of the fruit and vegetables stocked on shelves, you can not be sure you are getting all the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals your body needs. 
 You cannot over dose on vitamins. My tip is when you feel anything coming up such as a cold sore, ulcer, sore throat, tiredness you need to double dose on your vitamins and increase your fruits vegetables and sleep, do not turn to drugs. Doctors will not recommend ‘Nutritional Therapy’ because they did not study it and they simply do not know enough about it. They prescribe drugs. Long term use of drugs will have a negative effect on the body. 
Eating Raw means you get more nutrients and mineral out of your food  rather than eating cooked food, however because the way the food has been grown and depending on the soil and pesticides you still need to top up with vitamins and mineral including magnesium so your body does not become deficient. Remember over a long period of time if you are deficient in any mineral and vitamins that is when illness and disease can enter the body along with the imbalance of your pH levels. You do not want to wait to find out. Make you health a priority each and everyday
Yoga is the icing on the cake. It keeps your body internally in check. Yoga will heal the internal body, keep you strong inside and out, flexible and open.  It becomes part of your life.  There are many health benefits from practicing yoga from lowering cholesterol, arthritis, stress, and anxiety, high BP to weight loss. A tip to keep yoga part of your daily life if you do not have time is to make time. Stretch a little each day! It is an excuse not to make 10-30mins of time to stretch in yoga poses morning or night or get to a yoga class 3 times pr week.  You know when you feel out of balance. You body tells you and yoga is the perfect way to help gain balance, clarity and a sense of alignment. Physiotherapist love yoga exercises, if you have an old injury Yoga will help align and heal your body. 
I personally believe mixing Yoga, Nutritional Therapy and Vitamins to your life style you are taking out the BEST life insurance EVER!
Check out this clip today and look out for this powerful DVD on FOODMATTERS