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Water Fast, a fad or future.

Water Fast, a fad or future.


Most of you reading my blog today, will know I have been on a self healing wellness journey my entire life. Today I want to share with you why I am fasting and educate you around the world of fasting. 



Water fasts have been around for centuries and have been done in a number of different ways and for varying lengths of time, usually five to 40 days. There are many fad ‘ diets ‘ in todays world which I dolnt pay too much attention to as I feel deeply passionate about finding balance in your body and staying true to no processed foods, eating live grown foods,  minimizing sugar and alcohol as much as possible, and choosing your protein, carbs and fats wisely. Not everyone wants to be a body builder competitor. 


The beginning of my real transformation was in my mid 20’s after running ½ marathon, 5km, 10km and 14km races. I became hungry and passionate to work my own body. I was always a runner as a child, but as I aged I found myself wanting to run, for WEIGHT LOSS. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it at the time, it helped me through teenage life to switch off my busy mind, get out and about with nature and stay fit as I entered adultery life. But what I started to notice was I was choosing to run the next day after a heavy night out partying and drinking. Or run to burn off over eating bad foods, for me it was mainly sugar. It was a viscous cycle, I would be so hungry after running I would end up over eating and then the cycle repeated it self.  I wasn’t eating raw enough  or a well balanced nutrition plan. Back then I had no idea what I was doing when it came to nutrition, unitl I studied it and immersed myself in text books, often holistic and natural healing  therapies and often ancients practices.


I worked out in my own body that after a hard night out partying , it was best for my body to get up early and run or do Yoga. I would literally fast my way through the day after hangover. I noticed it made me feel better. Exercise and no food. I would re hydrate my body with loads of water and try to re align the damage I had done. I hated how this always made me feel.  Most of my friends would be off to get the best pie in the world named ‘Jimmy’s Pie’ plus a powerade and sleep the day away. They use think that the  pie would soak up the alcohol and take the hangover away. I couldn’t bare a hangover. 


I still remember a hairdressing weekend away to Christchurch and getting home so late and so drunk, I got up early and went running around Hagley Park.  I am a girl who needs her sleep. I was fighting tremendously with my body, my lifestyle and feeling so pulled to part of me wanting to break away from a toxic lifestyle, but my circle of influence all partied. We were in our 20’s and isn’t that all you know, or perhaps some would think that’s what you should be doing at that age.  I badly wanted to break away from it. 


So in 1998 I studied a Personal Training Course in QSLD while taking some time out from ending a very toxic relationship and my busy hair salons I had built, owend and operated. I was fortunate enough to have a great team of talented hairdressers  and the perfect manager in place, while I seeked this new way of living.  It wasn’t easy. I was away from home,  my family, my friends, away from my salon, my staff I loved. Thankfully my bestie later joined me and we kept each other company while she was also on a soul seeking journey.


While my training I learnt that body-building wouldn’t necessarily make me bulky and muscle but could make me leaner, stronger in mind and body and happier. That it wasn’t in the female body to build extreme bulk, unless of course you are taking drugs or enhancements. 

That was the beginning of my weight training. When I returned home with my new personal training certification I found my self back, falling in love,  in the groove of running my salons but with a whole new focus on health and wellness. Leaving a toxic life behind me. My cousin John, a successful body builder took me under his wing and inspired me to compete in my very first Figure Shaping Show.  I learnt so much about my body, mind and nutrition. 

After competing  successful and intensely for 3 years, it was time for me to have my family and become a Mother. This was a life changing time of my life as, I set my body building competitions  aside and invested all my time in motherhood, health, wellness and Yoga.   I was already practicing Yoga and Meditation but made it part of my daily life. I wanted my baby to be healthy and calm so I had to become that. 

I explored every holistic therapy from Hypnotherapy to Reiki,  NLP, essential oils, +meditation. I was so passionate I even filmed a pregnancy DVD with all my top tips on keeping healthy throughout pregnancy. 

Later when my eldest daughter started school I decided it was time once and for all to follow my true passion, become a  Certified Yoga and Wellness Coach. 

It completely transformed my body and life.  Sixteen years on from giving birth I haven’t felt so happier, healthy and joyful in my life. 


After I became certified in different styles of Yoga, I started to facilitate Retreats all around Australia, New Zealand and Bali with a big emphasis on Detox. I lead hundreds of people through their very first Detox while using recipes, tools and techniques from my published books and own personal experience. I spent hours on end writing my online program and providing content for my new clients. Leading and educating others on health and wellness is my soul purpose and something I take very serious about, I will do it unitl I die.

 I know that your body is your TEMPLE.  The transformation in my own body and mind was incredible, I was on the path and becoming more and more passionate about learning how the body can be a self healing mechanism. 


While spending long extensive time in Bali leasing my own villa and brining clients from Sydney to stay with me while we would  detox and while practising Ashatanga Yoga. I took my own raw vegan detoxing program to a new level and did my first 5 day water fast. It was not long after my return of Bikini Competitions in 2016 where I successfully placed in every event and at National level. 


One thing I noticed after returning to competing in Bikini Competitions was the weight gain after coming off the comp prep diet. I didn’t like how I felt after each show. There was a common repetitive pattern. My tummy would often bloat while doing a show, and after, weight gain, craving sugar, bloating, and fluid retention. This use to happen to me in my 20’s. I wanted to get deeper in to the body and learn more about my internal health, digestive system. I also use to notice skin breakouts around competing and after, from what I know now this was to do with my digestive function and gut health. 

My very first water fast I used fresh  coconut water from the coconuts in Bali  and water some soups at night if I needed it. I felt incredible, my skin was glowing, my energy increased and I felt an over sense of peace and joy within,  even though at the time was being challenged with some family maters, losing a few loved ones close and dear to my heart. 


I then lead my members through their Detox and colonic cleansing at Fivelements, where I still take corporate clients to today for complete rejuvenation and healing. Fivelements provides me the prefect luxury resort for leading my clients through their detox and often first fasting.

Last year 2018 I returned to the competition stage as  Fitness and Sport model, finishing the year at ICN Worlds as Bikini and Sorts Model. In 2018 I had un finished business to do, I wanted to achieve a first place on the ICN stage. That goal was finally achieved in Sept last year, before going on toe the Worlds placing two 4ths  and 5th. I wasn’t quite sharp enough, mind you I was competing with ladies half my age. The competitions are not about beating others, they are about learning and bettering your self, to become your best version of yourself and bring your best package to the stage. The beauty and fashion is defiantly one of the things that I enjoy, but on a deeper level every time I compete I learn something new. After my last comp in October I spent Nov and Dec realigning and readjusting my calorie intake. But something just didn’t feel right. I got to March and realised the body fat and sluggish  energy was increasing, all while eating relatively clean and routine. I had terrible pain in my feet, and inflammation building up in my joints. It was diagnosed as a from of Morton’s Neuroma, a painful condition that effects the ball of your feet. 

 I had dropped a 10 kg weigth plate at the gym  on my toe, lost the toe nail and not long after that the foot pain occurred.  I am not sure if that is related, as I do seem to remember the foot pain beginning prior before I dripped the weight. I spent all summer soaking my feet in the ocean water any chance I could get, I couldn’t walk like I use to, it was effecting my life. 


Near the end of March my immune system became weak through to allowing the odd drink or wine to sneak back in to my life, my social life increased more as I was struggling to find balance between being social and healthy. Until I woke up feeling sick. I haven’t been ick for many years. I automatically did what I know, that was to drink olive leaf extract oil and rest. While the flu symptoms resided straight away I developed a serious bloated and sensitive tummy. See the hideous photo below. I can’t remember my belly bring that swollen since I was pregnant. Knowing what I know with gut health and wanting to take the natural self-healing path, that I have spent my entire life, I decided I had no choice but to FAST. I didn’t want to go to the doctor and I didn’t want to take medication. Everything I do is nautural. 

I  also didn’t want to ruin  all my hard work with my new coach so I started blending all my food meals into soups, but my tummy was still irritable and bloated. I then eased into the Water Fast.  


The bloating took about 3 days to go down. But this is what I also noticed. 


  • Increase energy
  • Clarity of mind
  • Less food cravings 
  • Improved digestive system 
  • Clearer skin
  • Clear eyes
  • Clear skin 
  • Motivated and inspired
  • Joyful, I kept laughing and finding joy while on my fat
  • Non –reactive 
  • Foot pain almost gone 
  • Happier joints 
  • Less bloated around my cycle…. That was a bonus 


There are so many other health benefits noted from Holistic Doctors research and articles such as 


  • Renew your cells
  • Rejuvenation 
  • Reset your metabolic rate
  • Anti ageing 
  • Eliminate inflammation 
  • Weight loss 
  • Helping to starve cancer cells 



I wasn’t too concerned about the weight loss because at the time I was doing this to heal a virus or flu from my body.  I made it to 10 days as I had to keep fasting until my gut health felt 100% healed. 


So one month on…


 I have found myself back on  another  water fast all through my Easter. I had noticed a slight bit of pain still in the feet, and slight bloating, and body fat still around my core. I didn’t realise at the time how a couple of extra kilos to my body can make me feel, after my fasting I was able to see clearly that this body fat around my tummy had to go. Things were feeling tight for me in my clothes.


I am currently on Day 6 and want to share with you more insights I have noticed in this fast.


Now before I jump in, please note there are specific things I do to make my fasting easy safe and enjoyable. I now offer this in my  1-1 private coaching mentoring service, for people who are new to this way of life and want to do it the safe and supported way. It is important that a fasting is NOT for everyone. 

There are things I do prior a fast, while fasting and post fasting it is crucial that you know what you are doing. 

You would not come off a fast and pig out on heavy processed foods, nor drink alcohol. There is a period of time on the post fast that you no exactly what you are doing. I was very happy last month on my post fat plan and eased my way back into my eating plans. 




Warning: If you don’t have a healthy relationship with food, a Bulimia or Anorexic, Pregnant woman, child or have type 1 or 2 diabeties you should not under go a fasting. 


If you have an eating disorder you have to begin to love yourself and start a self seeking journey of nourishing and healing your body from these diseases. Your first place to start is to honour and love and accept your body. 


If you are a binge eater, you should not do a fasting, it could potentially make it worse for you after. 



What I have noticed in my second fasting 


  • Increased creativity 
  • Clear vision, brain sharper than the last time
  • Clear skin, less lines under the eye 
  • Break out around the chin area, given this represents digestive system, but I did have a waxing so this could have nee a reaction to the wax. I have sensitive skin as it is. 
  • Strong in weight training. I kept my training and walks up, I noticed the exercise helped my energy.
  • Sleep sound 
  • No cravings
  • No pain in my feet. Eliminating inflammation 
  • Happy tummy no bloating 
  • Waking up before the alarm, almost bouncing out of bed
  •  I am thirstier, believe it or not, you just feel like drinking more and more water everyday. 
  • Fresher breath
  • Weight loss around the gut and less fluid retention around the muscles. 
  • Happiness increased again. Less needy for things to fill me up. A deep sense of excitement for life and my future. 
  • Increased gratitude 
  • More open to those around me, I feel myself smiling to others more and taking the time to talk to those around me. More stimulating conversations 
  •  I find I want to keep busy to pass the time, so I have been teaching myself to rest when I can. 
  • Yoga practice is incredible with increased flexibility and more open in the joints. 
  • Libido Increased, although the first 3 days is the hardest It can be lower around this time.
  •  I look and feel younger! The list goes on.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Nic's Healthy Banana Cake recipe

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe 


1 tablespoon coconut oil 
1 egg 
2 egg whites
3 ripe mashed bananas 

1/2 cup dates - soften with boiling water in a 1/2 cup water or use honey 

2 cups of Gluten free flours- I use LSA, or a cup of almonds made into almond flour. (try blending the dry nuts into a flour use 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds 1 cup raw almonds, or and sun flower seeds or Oats 

1 tspn baking powder 
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1/2 cup mixed seeds -this could be chia, pumpkin, sunflower, or linseeds 

1/4 cup of almond milk or pure orange juice - made from your blender or juicer - or squeeze and orange 


  • Blend the flours dry set aside 

  • blend eggs, coconut oil, mashed bananas, spices, milks,  dates, or honey, squeezed orange juice together on high speed.

  • Pour into a large bowl, add seeds then slowly mix in the flours 

Mix until a batter like texture, add more almond milk if you have to. The consistency should be similar to a cake mixture.
Pour into your banana loaf or cake tin. Remember to grease it with coconut oil first or use baking paper 

Bake for around 25 mins -40 mins on 150 degree watch it, test with the fork to see if the inside is baked through .

Sit out to cool.

Serve with greek or coconut yoghurt and berries YUM!

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

The ageing body, the yoga body

Yoga may be the fountain of youth, I was blessed to begin my own path in my 20’s but it’s definitely not just for youth. 
Some yogis come to yoga when they’re young, fit, and healthy just like me. I was competing in body building competitions and needed it for mind body soul. 
But as our bodies change with injury and the ageing of time, yoga can serve us even more and help us maintain health and vitality into our golden years. I know within my own practice I need it more and more as I age. 
Our practice should change +  evolve with our body’s needs + lifestyle. 

If you started practicing in your 20s, you were probably drawn to faster-paced flow-style yoga, I certainly was!  Vinyasa or flow yoga is the most common yoga Ashtanga based. This type of yoga moves quickly, and it’s as much of a cardio workout as it is a yoga practice. It’s a fun practice that offers sweat, like Bikram in the hot room. 
As we move into our late 20s and 30s, it becomes crucial to build strength in the glutes and core. 
In your 30s, years of sitting at a desk for work or school may start to take a toll. Or long lengths of standing like I was when I ran my hair salons. 

In our 30s and 40s, major life changes occur. I can certainly say that.
Some of us will balance families, work elderly parents, hormonal imbalances, and increasing job pressure. 
It’s important that we focus on relaxation during these often-stressful years. Adding in yin based or restoration yoga poses can create balance. 
Your 40s are a perfect time to start a more focused meditation practice. Research shows that in addition to lowering stress levels, a regular meditation practice can offer anti-ageing properties.

Women in their mid 40s will begin to have hormone shifts: gentle yoga and meditation can be
the antidote to changing moods and energy levels.

Our 50s are all about balance, and a focus on balance poses is especially helpful. 

Poses that strengthen the abductors and outer hips are crucial. Side plank is one helpful pose for this kind of hip strength. It can be modified with the bottom knee down on the earth for more support and it can be made more challenging if the top leg is raised up. Traditional standing balance poses, like tree pose and warrior III should be regularly practiced, too, since the only way to get better at balance is to practice. 

Psychologically,  facing the ageing years of 50 can feel like a major life milestone. Breath work such as pranayama and Nidra Breathing exercise can help with anxiety at this point of mid life, 

As we move into our 60s and beyond, health concerns take precedence when deciding what yoga practice to do.

I know yoga is part of my life forever and can already see the different styles I have been drawn to throughout my 20's, 30's and 40's


​PS my next blog I will dive deeper into the different styles I have certified in and practiced throughout my life. 

Warmest regards 
Nicky Arthur 🙏🏻

Live life with passion, health & vitality 

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Soothe your tummy with my Turmeric Tea

While my home country New Zealand is in it's darkest days, I make myself a turmeric tea, light a candle and sit in a meditation to pray for the people effected in this disturbing and so close to my own home land attack.

Many of you know I am a kiwi and from little old Dunedin. I remember as a child growing up in Dunedin feeling so far far away from battles and wars. I always remember thinking nothing like this would or could ever happened in New Zealand. 

Over the years we have become a global community and what use to seem not possible is the possible. Social media has it's place, and we have had to learn how to use it, respectfully and accept it. I have seen positives outcomes with Facebook in such events where people have been stuck or in danger and used it to reach out to get help, fast.

Let's keep sharing positive loving caring messages on our social media platforms. It is a snowball effect. What we think we become. Let go of fear and repeat I am safe and secure, all is well. I welcome only love and light into my life. 

I am a proud kiwi and send love compassion and prayers out to my country and the effected Muslim Community to the loving people and children who have been taken recklessly brutal and selfishly. New Zealand is my roots and a place I will always call home, my rock solid friends and family are there in this beautiful country that  is filled with such diversity, acceptance

49 prayers to 49 people.

1. I send love and healing compassionate energy out to the universe. 

We are a global community and we must stick tougher in peace love kindness, tenderness, compassion, diversity, acceptance. 

Kia Kaha NZ

Love and light to the world. 


PS here is my Turmeric Tea recipe to soothe you tummy and heal your spirit today.

Turmeric Tea

1 tspn turmeric powder organic 
1 cup Boiling water 
1/4 tspn coconut oil
sprinkle of cinnamon 
Stir well

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