Saturday, October 20, 2012

Banana Muffin 

From our test kitchen to your home kitchen                  

Banana muffins were often a favourite food for me back in my twenties, but I remember the bloated feeling that came with eating a muffin, that was actually another name for a cake. 
I enjoyed creating this healthy recipe, that you could almost eat raw because of its  natural and  wholesome ingredients. 
Be sure to share this one to your friends and family. 
 ‘Let food be the medicine and medicine be thy food’

 Benefits of Chia 

1. High omega 3 fatty acids
2. Keeps you full, great for weight loss without starving yourself.
3. Balance blood sugar levels
4. Anti-aging anti-oxidant.
5. Bake with less fat, replace egg with chia.

2 Mashed banana
1 cup oat 
1 cup quinoa flakes 
1 orange squeezed
1/3  cup agave or honey
1 vanilla bean
1 tspn baking powder
1 Tbspn orange  zest
2 Tbspn Chia seeds
1/2 cup rice milk
Mix chia seeds with rice milk, allow to sit and form a gel consistency for 3- 5 mins.
Process oats and quinoa flakes, baking powder until a fine flour is created.
Add banana, agave, vanilla bean, orange juice, zest to a large bowl, add in flour, add chia and milk last mix in well.
Spoon out into silicone cup cake patties. Make 6 muffins.Bake for 15-20 mins on medium heat. 

We'll be back next week with another wholesome recipe.

Happy and healthy cooking,
Nicky Arthur 'Cooking with Chia'
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