Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to have a Peak Performance Mind and Body

I have just finished week three of my peak performance detox and reaping the rewards of unlimited energy and a calm and positive mindset.

If you have been following the last few blogs you would have read the recent changes I have made to my nutrition, and routine.

My online 10 week mind and body program is very similar. Particularly with the nutrition. Trying to aim for wheat free, gluten free and easing off red meats, and diary. Many health benefits come with this way of life. Scientifically and medically proven along with healing yoga postures you can do in the comfort of your own home.
However the mind and body herbal medicine has been helping me detox and cleanse my entire internal body inside out.

They say it takes three weeks to create a new habit, and it is true. I now wake up excitedly looking forward to my plate of veges, salad, dips or home made gluten free crisp bread.

I am enjoying whizzing up a new dip each morning made from chick peas, or beans. I have been also making my own Taziki made from natural yogurt or goats yoghurt's for toppings and spreads for the salad and crispbread. Food that fuels my body for my day ahead.

Part of my detox process has been resting the digestive system for 16 hrs. This means I have my last meal in the afternoon. If you are wanting a consultation with my amazing Dr Rama Prasad who is a specialist in the Mind and Body Medicine please contact him on 0425233426 or email
It may be one of the best steps you have taken towards quick starting your body again to renewed energy. Or check out my online program to help you make a start.

It has been so rewarding and exciting how great I feel and I want to share some of the benefits from the detox and cleanse process. For me I thought I was feeling healthy and energised but it has taught me how true it is that most people are not at their FULL POTENTIAL and I had fallen into thinking I was healthy and energised. But slowly things had slipped after a very emotional and challenging past year and unfortunately an acidic body does not necessary  mean it has tom come from the wrong food. Acidity can come from stress. It is vital to rid stress out of the body, I refer to it as stagnant energy. Then you can feel like your are moving forward and free of all pain.


  • Increase energy
  • Improved digestive system
  • Better sleep
  • Waking up energised and light, no heavy feeling, or sluggish
  • Clear skin- feel like I have had a facial
  • Increased happiness 
  • Positive Mindset
  • Eliminate sugar cravings and any food cravings, not hungry at all
  • Increased physical training rewards 
  • Better Focus
  • Increased concentration
  • Mental and Physical peak performance
My new Raw Food book is released April 7th 

Next workshop including Yoga Meditation and cooking session April 6th Please email to book today.

Love and light