Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day and 'What Motherhood means to me"

I couldn’t think of a better day to write about ‘What Motherhood means to me!’

Over 11 years ago now, I was blessed with the biggest gift in the world! Becoming a Mum, to a special angel. That angel was a baby girl, who is  love and light. I knew when I was carrying her there was a strong connection of love and spirited energy I was about to experience. Becoming a Mum totally transformed my life, even before birth. I felt like I had a responsibility from the moment I found out we we’re pregnant. This relationships and  bond filled with pure unconditional love was formed from that moment. 

Motherhood takes you on a journey where you step out of being focused on ones self to a level where you give and give so much of your love time and energy that becomes unlimited and unconditional. 

It teaches you about yourself, and teaches you to gain more patience and compassion. Your connection with your baby is natural and when we trust that from day one, motherhood becomes an unforced, natural enjoyable process. 

I have compassion for those who have had a tough time in those early stages, with sleepless nights and challenging moments.  I believe what our babies give us from day one can be a lesson, a gift something to learn and grow from. I remember many people telling me the sleepless nights will be hard, so I decided to change my mindset and play a game. That was when my baby woke in the middle of the night, it was going to be a special time, when everyone else is sleeping around us that we would be up together enjoying the ‘present moment’ and sharing some love, cuddles and smiles. I loved those moments in the middle of the night. It become all about the mindset for me.

I admit baby number two was more challenging and my angel baby was now my ‘pocket rocket’ my second daughter was all about action and never liked to sleep much in the day. She liked to wake and be cuddled tight. 
But looking back, each bay is different. What was I thinking that my second baby would be exactly the same. No each baby is individual and each baby brings you something else to learn.

The interesting thing with my own experience is baby number one was in many yoga classes with me when pregnant and came out very ZEN and my second baby was in many ‘spin’ classes up until birth and came out very energetic. 

It is true what you say, do, breath, think, and eat will effect your unborn baby. 

Motherhood for me bought me closer to my own Mum, and an appreciation I needed to express for my own Mum’s love, and the way she raised us kids. 
Motherhood means to me so many things today. It means to step up with my own life, to leave a legacy, to teach and inspire my own girls to live a healthy and grateful life, it means to make choices based around compassion and love,
 it means to SLOW down and not feel guilty, it means owning up when wrong, and letting go, 
it means to me to be strong and keep on going never give up, it means stopping and smelling the roses, living in the present moment with my girls, baking together, pulling out an old recipe from an old Aunt or Nana, it means speaking about our family and history, telling stories of the way we lived without technology, and sharing Mother daughter stories my girls will remember forever, it also means speaking highly of their Daddy- who they love,  in moments of doubt anger, and sorrow, it means being the bigger person. 
Motherhood often means we have to accept ourselves where ever we are on our path and practice self love and never ever feel guilty for that pamper session.

It’s your day so lap it up. 

Love and light

Nicky xx

“As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her.” 
We may live apart at times, but always connected in heart and spirit. 

We all have a Mum, and what ever your story is today ‘Our Mum’s did the best job they could raising you on what they knew on their journey.’ Today we are spoilt with technology, support, advice, techniques and tools that help us as MUM’S BE THE BEST WE CAN BE.

Today please show your gratitude to your Mum, let go of past arguments, distance, friction or separation. If your Mum has passed and no longer with you today,  know she is always with you and will hear your pray, never ever give up on speaking to her. Keep on speaking to your Mum.

To all the Mum’s in the world, you are amazing, you do a good job on what you know, you are giving, nurturing, kind and generous, you are the one who keeps the harmony in the family, the one who juggles all the balls in the air, the one who cooks, and cleans, who breaks up the arguments, does the washing, dishes, making the lunches, organising the renovations, the gardener, or mows the lawns, you are the one who organises the parties, the quests, and gives so much of yourself its now YOUR DAY TO ALLOW THE GIFTS, PAMPERING, REST AND RELAXATION TO BE YOURS. 

Enjoy today, don't feel guilty, allow the happiness and love to fill your heart and remember you are WORTH IT.

Love and light 


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