Monday, September 29, 2014

The Power of Living Raw is here.

I started my Raw food journey more than four years ago and the difference in how I feel has completely transformed my body, life and mind.
Since stepping outside my comfort zone and embracing a more creative style of food preparation, I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate natural food and its awesome healing power. Raw food gives my body unlimited energy, generating happiness that I am blessed to experience. I feel transformed and I want to share the benefits that I enjoy with you.
Today’s world has become so busy that we often don’t realise that we are not looking after our body and digestive system as best as we can. I believe that it is critical to listen to our body and to learn how to feed ourself in a way that nurtures both body and mind, restores our equilibrium and rejuvenates us, so that we benefit from optimum health.
The recipes that I provide in this book have been designed to accelerate your energy levels and to promote your sense of wellbeing, so that you have the energy to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle and live your busy life.
Raw Food Benefits
I believe that taking care of yourself is the best insurance that you can have for a vibrant life full of joy and happiness, and that eating a good diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, will help to promote good health.
For me, a Raw food lifestyle begins with reassessing the basic foods provided for us by nature. In order to do that, I believe that it is essential to strip out of our diets all foods that are processed or packaged, loaded with artificial flavour enhancers and sweeteners and which are devoid of nutritional value.

Turmeric Root and Powder
Turmeric is a spice with amazing anti-oxidant properties, protecting the body from damage inflicted by free radicals. It also supports the liver function and the immune system. 

Nature provides us with a whole array of healthy foods, which, when incorporated into our diet, provides us with vitality, good health and energy. These foods can offer a perfect nutritional package. When eaten Raw, we benefit from the maximum nutritional value that each of these foods offers.
I believe that ‘living’ foods – meaning those that grow in the ground – are our life force. By integrating living foods into our diets, we can look forward to wellness, greater energy, mental clarity, a positive outlook on life and spiritual awakening.
When you eat Raw food, you’ll notice that you don’t need to eat so much, or need to eat the heavier foods that you previously desired. Lighter food makes us feel lighter and more energized. You’ll never feel as if you are on a diet when eating this way.

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