Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WA Karratha and Port Hedland YogaFit highlights

What a fantastic 3 Day YogaFit Detox Challenge in Karratha  and 1 Day event Port Hedland success.

It was my 5th year returning to Karratha this year. What a growing and unique remote town filled with such grounded an sincere people.  I am blessed to experience this harsh and fascinating climate and meet some wonderful people.

Each time I visit the groups have grown and I have been blessed to get to know many Mum's and career driven women and this  unique community to a deeper level. 

Because of the success and growth of the sessions, it has made it easier for me to return each year  with confidence, to offer  more of what I believe is a natural and timeless practice to help increase  health, fitness and leave people inspired to continue to create healthier and positive changes to mind, body and life. 

Many people in Karratha live busy lives and juggle it all. The 3 Day Yoga Challenges were designed for people, to take that time out of your everyday life to stop, reflect, feel and enjoy some stillness.

By incorporating strong postures and beginner level yoga to help unleash energy and create more space in the mind and body it has made a easy to access Retreat for all levels.  With the goal in mind helping to open joints, heart and body to remove the stagnant energy so you can feel a surge of motivation, inspiration and complete detox for mind and body, flushing unwanted toxins from your body. 
I also work with a strong focus around body alignment, injuries,  breath and chakra balancing to heal and realign the physical body and fragmented mind.

The 3 Days was a real achievement for the  participants who took part. Everyone showed such focus and concentration in each session. Attending two sessions a day is not easy and took commitment, dedication and  a positive strong mindset not to negotiate, not coming!

The Power of Living Raw Book sold out on the trip, along with leaving many participants my Yoga DVD.  Leaving the locals the book and DVD as  a tool for them to continue Yoga and helping to give people inspiration and motivation to increase RAW intake and make change easy. This is an ancient  way of living and something I practice and value highly.  This way of life heal, rejuvenates the soul, ignites your dreams and goals and increases your happiness while decreasing your stress levels. 

Over the past 5 years of visiting Karratha, I ask myself if this is the last trip? I am very excited to know I will be returning next year and can't wait to do it all over again with WA, Karratha and Port Hedland. It's the people of Karratha why I return each year. They show appreciation and gratitude and I can see and feel how much their minds and body gain form the weekends. Living in a remote area is not easy and many people their miss what they use to have in their every day life from living in a bigger city.  Even if that was their usual Yoga Studio.

Thank you Karratha for opening you heart to me and bringing me back each year! I can't wait to do it all over again with YOU!


Friday night Power of Raw Seminar,  was well supported and  so much fun speaking about what I believe to be a very powerful way of living in mind, body, soul, preventive health and healing.

A great interactive night with lots of sharing and setting intentions around their health and vitality goals. 

Girls in PINK!

It was a great pleasure to have the ladies arrive in pink and raise money for Breast Cancer, a charity many of us are touched by from losing someone to Breast Cancer or Cancer. Thank you ladies for adding some meaning, spirit and fun  to this practice on the 3 Day Challenge.

I even had the right colour on that day and got to finally meet cute Charlie, who is the son of one of my special loyal Yoga followers of 5 years Jo Humphrey.

I finally got to meet Yolanda, one of my How to be a Happier mum book fan from 2010 who lives in WA and also Leila  from Port Hedland who both bought their books along to be signed, it was lovely to meet you happy mums in person and connect.

Port Hedland Road Trip

The 3 day Karratha weekend Yoga was very intense with teaching 4 sessions a day plus, private one on one coaching sessions and the seminar, so the drive out of Karratha into open land and red dirt was well appreciated and most relaxing. With a great driver Sonia, along with her calm and zen energy we got to enjoy a peaceful road trip, rejoice in the Karratha success, snacking on our raw food treats, admiring the open space and quietness.

We did notice a few wild fires in the distance and were quietly grateful they were not stopping us on our way to facilitate the 1 Day YogaFit Workshop. On the way home it was a different story.
After a great day spent with the ladies of Port Hedland, who showed such passion  and hungry for change by exploring Yoga and the holistic philosophy, we were stopped with a road block from the wild fires. They had spread through out the day.
Initially I was wondering where the fire engines were! But learning about the 'harsh' climate they live in, they simply allow the fires to burn out and make sure the roads are safe enough to drive through. We were held up for just over 2 hrs and then set on our way back to Karratha for the early flight out the next day back home to Sydney. Wild fires in the heat of summer were a norm and part of their life, they react to it in a calm way and connect to Mother nature that all will be well and attach no drama around it as long as the people are safe and the fire is not near buildings. All was well and we patiently waited until all was clear.

I wanted an adventure so I enjoyed the stop and time we had to reflect and connect to this land.  So why wouldn't I get out of the car and practice some Yoga on this amazing earth! We got to see the sunset and it was a beautiful serene quiet time.

Looking forward to returning to Port Hedland February and Karratha later  in 2015.

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PORT HEDLAND 2015; The trip to Port Hedland after Karratha was a great success. I will be returning to Port Hedland early next year to offer the locals there the 3 Day Detox Program. Please look out for the dates and information if you would like to attend. It will be late Feb when the kids are well settled back to school. 

Leaving you my favourite healing juice. 

Turmeric Immunity Booster 

2 lemons
​2 inches at least RAW ginger
2 tspn certified organic turmeric spice
​couple of twists of cracked pepper
100mls filtered water 

​Blend all ingredients well in the blender, strain through a nut bag or cheese cloth.

Store in a glass jar. For added sweetener you can add pineapple or orange and cracked pepper.

A very healing and uplifting shot of nutrients. A lovely frank to finish the day off with. 


Nicky xx