Sunday, March 22, 2015

Have you set you daily intention? ❤️

Every moment of our lives is a magical recipe of sorts. Every flavour, note, direction that Life presents is a genius composition and has an important message. 

Even the most sour of flavours are often carrying the highest potency of the medicine we require.
 But are some of those moments created by your mind? Are they created by the subconscious intentions we tend to set without realizing!
Practicing Yoga helps you become aware of your mind set and what intentions you are setting. 
Being clear of your intention today is the part of the magic recipe to happiness and living a productive harmonious life. 
What is your intention today? Make it clear and precise! 
Today can be one of the most happiest fun days of your life. 
Tip - sit in meditation and set your intention.

It becomes exciting and fun when you learn in my retreats and ️workshops how to master your mind so you can co create your life and happiness on a day to day level. 

Namaste & Blessings 
Nicky ❤️

Eg 'Today I am productive happy calm and attracting new golden opportunities that are aligned to my passion and what will help serve me and my family.' ❤️