Sunday, January 17, 2016



Despite what you may think, yoga isn't just for women. Plenty of major sports teams and athletes work this ancient stretching and strength discipline into their pre- and off-season workouts.

Every week there are more and more of manly men and sports heroes finding their way to the yoga mat. 

Are you a dude looking for a yoga teacher that appeals to you? 
Already, my one on one sessions and classes are vastly growing of MEN – and they’re doing pretty well at it I have to say!

A common mantra I hear from men is ' I feel intimated by the flexible women in the classes!' 

Yes, the obvious is true: most yoga classes are attended by a majority of fit, flexible females in tight clothes -  it’s not just a sport for sexy and flexible ladies. There are bigger reasons reasons why you should be doing it—other than picking up women! 

With yoga, you’ll hone your mental focus, rid your system of toxins.  Great for preventing  injuries.  Improved flexibility is a bonus for just about every sport - after working with me -you will be able to touch your toes, and even improve your performance in the bedroom!

It’s no secret that yoga and meditation have serious benefits for your health, but especially for pro athletes competing a high level, it really pays dividends.

When players have the capacity to align their body and mind, you’re going to get results. 

Meditating is just as important as any field practice or weight lifting session. Maintaining that centered state of mind while in the game and just allowing instincts take over shows us the true measure of greatness.

Not to mention, yoga helps with flexibility, which is useful in preventing injuries. 

Professional Athletes are beginning to understand the real importance of implementing yoga in their workout and pre-season training regimen.
The specific Yogafit postures helps to create flexible ankles and aids in foot pain. Yoga is the perfect exercise for a wide receiver playing at a high and intense level. 

 “Yoga  helps you calm down & helps you center your energy so you are balanced instead of going out there & just spreading your energy all over the field! 

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