Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy New Year! Live Life with Passion & Positive Energy.

Hi there, 

Can you believe it? Another year gone. Have you taken some time to think ahead to 2017 and set your clear intentions? This is something I do every year and it is so important you do so. Otherwise you can find another year controls you and will go by in a flash and you don't achieve those goals and dreams you think about. Especially being a Mum or Parent. Your time can be so easily consumed by chores and work. I personally believe it is vital to incorporate your hobbies and things YOU love to do in your own life. 

Life is too short for our physical body. Recently I lost 3 beautiful women, who were taken far too young. It makes live life even more on soul purpose, from heart not your head, and continue doing the things you are so passionate about. My heart goes out to their families and children around this time of the year. 

 Please share with me you goals and dreams for 2017, as I would love to hear what you are dreaming about or wanting to return to, or achieve. 
I personally have set my goals, I am scared of this one, but I know it will be all worth it in the end and the journey towards it will pay off and be an enjoyable and challenging one. 

The year is all but done and I'd like to thank you for your fabulous custom over the last year.  
My message is simple 

LIVE life, with PASSION, LOVE unconditionally, eat CLEAN & think POSITIVELY.

I look forward to connecting again next year and really hope you have a fabulous time with your family and friends and that 2017 brings you lots of success.

The New Year is an opportunity to join my next Bikini Mama round. Receive a healthy cook book and two private one on one sessions to help you get started and keep you accountable.

Whats on?

Have you ever dreamed about competing in a Bikini Fitness Competition? Do you dream about completely transforming your body?
Dream no further, make your dream a reality in 2017. 

I am  very excited to offer very limited spots only for a chance to work with me one on one to compete in your very first Bikini Competition. Whether  you are a mum or not, I can help lead you to the stage in 2017. Or transform your body to competition level without having to compete. 

For more information on this opportunity please email me today or text whatsapp 0404755271. I will get back to you straight away to discuss the options and dates to get you started. 

To discuss the private Bikini Competition send me a message so I can organise a phone session to discuss you competition or transformation. 

3 Day YogaFit Detox Retreats coming up soon.

3 Day YogaFit dates coming up fast. To secure your spot for Dunedin, Port Hedland and Karratha click on the inks below. 

Happy New Year. Wishing you abundance, strength, confidence to flood your life and families. 

with gratitude 


A recent testimonial


So 2016 has been a real 'bitch' in many ways for me - one day I'll share.
But for now the most positive thing that's has happened to me was to loose 4 kilo in two weeks on Nicky's programme. Nicky was very encouraging and has a real 'we can do this attitude'. Before Nicky's programme I had begged my Doctor for a weight loss tablet, she finally caved in and I brought my first months supply $150 - it didn't move a thing in the scales except for my bowel and left me running to the toilet every time I passed wind. It was terrible - I didn't feel any better. Then I started Nicky's juices and I felt energised again, people say I'm glowing and I've shifted 4 kilo. Roll on the next 15 kilo 😉. Thanks Nic - your a super star x

To set up an appointment to discuss Bikini Competition for 2017 text 0404755271 or email 

or visit my website and connect with me today. Inspiring you!