Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unleash your Power Within.

It is time to shine.

Life is not designed to be a struggle, yet so many in today's world easily get caught up in the mundane daily routines and struggle of the daily grind.
It is time to get off the treadmill and take stock of your life. This is a decision you come to in your mind and self realization in your heart that you deserve to live a happy, healthy blissful life.

The power of the mind is phenomenal and you are an unlimited supply of energy containing love. Happiness and compassion.

Life comes with challenges and obstacles. Like thorns getting in the way of our path, you have two choices to deal with those road blocks.
1. Put on your shoes and walk over them step step by step with an 'I can do this ' attitude or
2. Stop and become stuck.

We all experience these moments throughout your life journey.

Follow my  tips this week to help clear the path and turn your light on internally.
1. Meditate... Just sit in silence and connect with breath
2. Listen to your self talk. Become aware of what energy you are sending out to the universe.
3. Become crystal clear of your intentions, what do you want. What you are thinking is manifesting  your outcome.
4. Practice the power of gratitude. The more grateful you become, the more goodness you will experience in your life.
5. Forgive the past so you can move forward into happiness and love.
6. Believe in yourself. You are a powerful unlimited supply of love and vibrant energy. You have to feel it to become it.
7. Shine light with everyone you come in contact. You become the first one to smile, to thank and to say 'I love you'
8. Trust in the process and know where you are right now is part of your life journey. Ask quietly within 'What is my lesson here in this challenge today?'
9. Laugh and find JOY in the simple things that life offers.
10. Get active. Unleash stagnant energy by exercising and taking a  positive motivating approach.

No more excuses today take full responsibility where ever you are now, to end the struggle and enjoy everyday of your life. Sing, love, laugh, dance, and have fun at work or at  home! You are the architect of your life.