Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Reflect on 2012 and move into 2013 with ease and grace.

Good bye 2012  

Reflection and Welcome 2013

2012 was a spectacular year for me! I had the privilege to spend time with amazing people sharing common obstacles relating to well being, weight, relationship, family and friend challenges.  I traveled to exotic places for work and pleasure.  shot images for my own pleasure and vision for future projects. I published my my own Yoga DVD, signed a new book contract and published my first cook book, expanded on my personal journey of creating new recipes from raw and healing foods, I have seen many of my Mind, Body, Transformation members completely transform not only their bodies but their way of life, its been a great pleasure to watch the energy  and happiness radiate from each and every member.  Highlights among many was presenting the 'Become Your Best' Seminars to the teenage girls and the success of each Karratha WA mini retreats.
I couldn't’t have done all this without the love and support of my daughters and my friends, my publishers New Holland, everyone who supported the Find Your True North Workshops, thank you to  my film producer Andrew Johnson who believes in me all the way and my visions, thank you to my mentor and coach who continues to feed me new ideas and share grounded advice to keep me on the path I wish to walk, talk, and teach to my girls and others. Their support and creative minds helped to make this year such a success, THANK YOU!

Allow me to leave you this year with my last words for 2012...
'Life does not wait for you, you have to make the first move, let it begin with you... GO FOR IT and Make 2013 one of the best years ever. Tip; Get clear of your intentions for 2013, write them down, set a plan, take action, and lastly  TRUST THE PROCESS because life supports you in what ever you want.'

In closing out this year I am excited that it is over  but even more enthusiastic and curious  for what the new year  2013 has to offer! I wish all of you who have supported me over the many years great health, happiness, love, energy and faith.
Love and  light
Nicky xx

Take the time to reflect today on 2012 then set clear intentions for 2013