Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Mind Body Soul Inspiration

Spiritual Breakthroughs From Bali
Hello From Bali,
Living life in Bali inspires me each time I visit. Why? Because along with many others there is  a strong connected feeling you experience.  The best way I can describe it feels like I am returning  home. I am not talking about a materialistic  home, I am speaking of a home within.

The home the place were you experience an unlimited supply of Love, Respect, Gratitude. It's a  place where you experience harmony within yourself, a deeper connection you may have ever known. This is a place where you can experience with yourself where ever you go, what ever you do, what ever the circumstances.

Sharing  spiritual insights and helping others on their path is my soul purpose.   Part of my routine here is daily meditation for one hour, watching the sunrise and sunset, yoga, music, daily massage and eating a raw food diet.
I wake at 4.30 am and go to bed early. The PHYSICAL BODY, feels rejuvenated, restored, my mind feels still, calm and clear,  my soul feels connected to Shiva. Shiva in Sanskrit is considered the Supreme God, and known as the 'TRANSFORMER"

Whether you believe in God or a God or not, we have to at some point of our life have something we can believe in, whether that is your god, your divine energy, light, universe, guides, angels. What ever feels right for you, but as you deepen and widen on your path you may experience a deeper connection with Shiva or god. From my personal experience it has been getting to know this energy,  supreme bliss, on his terms not mine. This has meant letting go of the ego. It does not mean not believing in this energy when something 'Good' happens but just trusting and becoming open to learn, to give, to love and to trust in this supreme energy. It means having patience and staying true, creating awareness  in mind and body. The more I trust and connect the more I feel this amazing light and support flourish and flood through my whole being. Its almost like I am clearing the path and walking through the door way, where the path is clear of all goodness, including happiness, love, peace, joy, abundance and gratitude.

This is Shiva

To transform means simply creating a change. It takes courage to create change. But more importantly it takes 'awareness' When you become really still in mind and body you are able to become aware of what is working in your life and what is not. Asking yourself questions is a great start. Then you are able to crate a new way of thinking,  a new way of acting, a new way of being, feeling and seeing. Changing your perceptions and beliefs, the way you see your world. We are creators. So to make it easy to make your first step towards change,  helps  to become clear and vivid at what your internal world looks like, which is reflecting your external world right  back at you. Ask quietly what world are you living today? Write it down. Now write down what you would like to see your world become. There will be obstacles and challenges to overcome, we are all conditioned from our past. That;s the great news, you are not alone. Now you are connecting your Soul, your crown chakra, and that is when the new doors open, new people show up, magic appears everywhere in the smallest of gifts that surround you by nature.

The more we share love, connection, joy, peace, gratitude  and respect the more positive energy vibrates around the world.

Taking the first step can be the hardest to transforming your mind, body and soul, but once you take that first step, new doors open and before you know it, you will be attracting those who are in more alignment with you than not.

I have met many people in my time in Bali, and they too get up at 4am, do not watch TV, they eat raw  and healthy, they have this amazing unlimited supply of energy love and a real sense of calm,  grounded energy about them, they have passion, a unique fire in their belly about life and share from their heart and some have welcomed me with a GREEN SMOOTHIE! Anyone who knows me well, knows I have plenty of green smoothies or greens juice made up in my refrigerator  at home. 

When I studied Yoga, one thing I enjoyed learning was how important it is to align the physical body with nature. The best time to wake and meditate is sunrise,  meditate again at sunset, ease off heavy foods from sunset, and get to bed before 10pm. The best quality sleep you will ever get is from 10pm- 2am, and in the western world most are still up at 11 am or even 12pm. I have experienced the more I meditate the less sleep I need, but I still love to get at least 8 hrs.

Experiencing this way of life,  by  aligning your body with the correct sleep, raw foods, staying well hydrated, and allowing the physical body to become still  can help to  restore and top up your energy levels, so you can live a productive, energised  and happy life.
The key for many  is  to become disciplined enough to create a healthy routine, habits,  and become responsible for your own well being in the western world and pressures.  Not so easy when most have family, relationship and work commitments. Even a change in weather can throw you off track. My next trip is the NZ where it is a lot colder and can put me to the test to get up early and see the sunrise if there is any sun at all. However it can be done, and we all have the same 24 hrs in a day around the world where ever you are, its how we choose to spend that time, on holiday or not.

I trust this will give you some great insights, motivation and inspiration to maybe change things around, and try something new. Whether you have energy to increase, a kilo to lose, or fragmented mind to unravel and start to weave a new thread and create a whole new tapestry of self love, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, happiness,  and at this time of the year JOY.

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We'll be back next week with another wholesome recipe and more mind and body insights.

Enjoy the festive season
Love, Light, Respect

Is your internal world, constantly picking, picking, picking? Are you seeing the world with critical eyes... or are you embracing all beauty that surrounds you. Time to change the scripts.
' I  accept all my emotions but I do not wallow in them' Nicky

Love and accept yourself and others
I have all the time in the world
Play, love, sing, peace, laugh lots
I love and accept myself, and I am safe.
Love is eternal.
Love makes me feel free.
I enjoy the work I do and the people I work with.
I am at peace.
I am willing to create new thoughts about myself and my life

Peaceful Living.