Sunday, January 27, 2013


What is Spiritual Beauty?
Physical Beauty is something I personally craved as a teenager and young adult. Over 20 years ago I discovered a way of life that inspired me to live each day with intention and purpose. A way of living that allowed me to be truly Happy and Healthy despite what was going on around me. This way of life is the essence of my personal philosophy 'Spiritual Beauty' Breathe Believe Nourish.
Part of that philosophy is to Breathe deeply daily, Believe anything is possible, be clear of your intentions and willing to work for it  and nourish  mind body and soul  inside out, through healthy nutrition and a positive mindset.
Physical beauty  what I looked at as a teenager was a false beauty because it's subjective. This type of beauty can be bought through cosmetics, diet pills, supplements, clothes, food, hair colour, tanning,  even plastic surgery. As women we use many  of them to help us 'feel beautiful' This type of beauty is based on resources and if you have the money then you have access to these resources that will aid in your physical beauty. I agree physical attractiveness is important and appealing to the senses because we are a superficial society. I wrote a section on Styling and Beauty in my first book  'How to Be a Happier Mum' because at that time of my life those things I felt were important to help Mums' pick themselves up from a dark place,  to help one feel great about themselves. As I have deepened and widened my practice,  I am learning more importantly to bless my beauty and be grateful for my health and well being that I work hard on achieving everyday so I can radiate a deeper level of Inner Beauty.
Don't get me wrong, I still think it is very important to take good care of yourself and it is something I am proud to see my own girls taking the time to care about their personal hygiene and beauty regime. Everybody does something for beauty even the males, in fact males love to look good. They might use the gym, clothing, hair products, fast cars to make themselves 'look good' 
Is there such thing as natural beauty, everyone does something to alter their appearance these days in some way.
Radiant Beauty within.
Yoga, meditation and  the personal development work I have poured my entire focus into  has taught me real  true beauty is 'Spiritual Beauty' it's in the heart and soul of every person.
I wondered what it meant many years ago now when I was in the middle of a Reiki session when the therapist said 'You need to open your heart' Yoga helped me 'open my heart'
When someone has spiritual beauty their presence and their beauty radiates more than merely someone who is just about physical beauty. 
The question is how do you attain this inner beauty? Some may say through God. What ever you believe in,  you have to have some kind of quiet knowing that there is a  higher power who gives you all the strength and confidence you need to live life to your fullest potential. There is nothing more powerful than Human spirit. When you are living your life to your fullest potential it feels like your best life, then you are at peace, confident, happy and you will radiate an inner glow. 
Spiritual Beauty attracts. I have experienced this a numerous times in my life when I may have looked physically beautiful, but was not feeling it or accepting it within. I can relate this time around my body building years, I may have been  buffed and looking physically amazing, but something else was missing. 
 Feeling this good will automatically make you want to take care of yourself and your health which will benefit your overall physical appearance. Physical attractiveness will no longer be your main concern you will have inner balance knowing who you are; knowing that you are beautiful and your body is a temple. You will no longer be subjected to low self esteem, jealousy and envy trying to compete according to superficial standards. You will eventually attract quality people into your life who love all of you, your mind body and soul. Now that's beauty.
Live the Nicky Arthur Philosophy; Your year to BREATH BELIEVE NOURISH

'Be the Woman you want to be'