Friday, August 16, 2013

Spice up your life with a Chai Tea

Normally you will find me writing about the wonder seed 'Chia' but today I want to share the health benefits of Chai Tea, my new healing treat drink. 

It has been over four years now since I gave up drinking alcohol. My journey of transition was something that evolved naturally, no force or even a fixed decision to give alcohol up forever. It just happened over time as I practiced more Yoga and meditation, and incorporating a  Raw Food lifestyle and a powerful mindset.

It is not until now I can reflect back and really acknowledge the amazing health,  well being benefits and rewards unlimited energy. 

Now days I give to my body, rather than rob it of nutrients by drinking water, coconut water, herbal tea, greens juice, spirulina and now my new treat drink Chai tea.  I am unstoppable in helping the world become a healthier place and sharing health benefits to the world so you too can feel this amazing energy that becomes unlimited. I am especially passionate about helping females with 'Women's Health' I know what works and what doesn't, I also know what it is like to be a Mum and juggle all the balls in the air. 

6 things you should know about CHAI.

1. Firstly CHAI is the Indian word for tea.

2. There is growing research that Chai tea has  numerous health benefits. Tea Polyphenols has been linked to increase focus and concentration. I can back this up since I have been drinking the tea, I can feel a boost in my personal focus and concentration. 

3. Other health benefits linked to Tea Polyphenols, cardiovascular health, protection against Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and may even have the potential to alter cancer genetics. The spices used in Chai tea have been used for a holistic approach to healing the internal body for thousands of years.

4.  You may be asking the question, ' but how much caffeine is in Chai compared to coffee?"
One cup of chai tea is approx 40mg caffeine - that's 4 0z of black tea compared to 120mg of caffeine in an average cup of coffee. However this is interesting to know, the caffeine in chai tea works completely different to the caffeine in coffee, due to the interaction component of tea named tannin, this is where the magic lies, tannin has the calming effect on the nervous system. Notice how warm and soothing your tummy feels when you drink a good quality chai tea! this calming effect on the nervous system causes the caffeine to be absorbed much slower and avoid the 'SHOCK' of coffee

5. My personal experience is not enough for you, it is a fact that chai is mentally clarifying and energising yet calming and soothing at the same time. Now wonder I feel like i can keep on biking when I cycle down to my local cafe for my chai tea, or get back to my office write with total concentration and clarity. 

6. Chai tea gives you the 'PICK ME UP' in your day without jitters, nervousness or energy lows and highs. It gives you a ever steady energy gain. 

My main Tips  on Chai Tea, after experiencing a natural brewed great quality tea leaves  and a powdered Chai is please be very careful you are not getting the powdered chai tea, it is full of sugar and processed. I am very grateful to experience the best brewed chai tea at my door step thanks to 'The Mews Cafe' where you can get gluten free food and the best quality in town! They use the best quality chai tea called Sticky chai, it is naturally soaked in honey and you will not find anything processed in this Chai. You only need to smell it to trust the quality. I personally know from smell when testing food, for sugar and any artificial additives, its something I have became very good at over the years and from my yoga, by awakening all my senses. 
My other tip is when ordering make sure you understand Chai Tea you will get the Chai tea on its own, with maybe milk on the side, 'CHAI  means tea' but if you want the Chia latte, LATTE means milk, try it with soy or almond milk for a healthier option, and ask for strongly brewed to get the best out of the spices. 

To find out more details on where The Mews is and their opening hours go to  below

Or to read up more on 'Sticky Chai' go check them out

You know where you will find me at The Mews writing my next blog!

Have a great day.


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