Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 5 Most Common health issues of the modern era

1. Do you struggle with sugar cravings?
2. Tiredness and fatigue?
3. Over weight and can’t lose those extra kilo’s?
4. Poor digestion system and bloating?
5. Have you lost your spark and enthusiasm for life?

In today's world it almost seems impossible to escape some of the health issues, unless you are taking the 'time' to look after your body. That is where the problem is found for most people 'time' how to spend the time productively and  effectively to look after your mind and body in a holistic way to prevent illness, tiredness and weight gain.

 I am  very blessed that over the years I have  learnt how to make my own health number one priority and one of the main reasons for that was so I can live a long healthy vibrant life and help others to do the same.  But there were many changes I needed to make on my journey. I can understand how you are feeling and exactly what it is like juggling all the balls in the air.  Becoming a Mum gave me even more reason and now being a healthy role model for my girls gives me the drive and motivation to continue to become the best version of myself and teach my girls and many others on their life journey.

I  use to live a 'Corporate busy life' where all I did was run my two successful Hair and Beauty Salons, train staff, judge hair competitions all around NZ and became a NZ committee member, worked 80 hrs a week and totally  immersed myself in my work. When the weekends would come around all I knew back then how to relax was go out for Friday night drinks and quite often wake with hangovers. After a while of living a life on the edge and pushing my body to it's limit, something had to give. 
I remember my mum often saying ' You are burning the candle at both ends... slow down' 
When you are in your 20's and you are your won boss, love what you do you feel bullet proof. However nutrition and exercise was something I always loved to do, and I just was not fitting it in to my busy life. 
That is when I took up fitness competitions, I figured, if I set my self a goal, I would make the time. Competing in fitness competitions was not easy, in fact it took on another whole journey where I had to find the time. Excuses had to be gone, and because I was running my business, I become very smart with my time. I trained at 4.30 am and in my lunch hours. 

But after a few years of successfully competing it came time to have a family and put my selfish goals aside and begin a whole new journey. Becoming pregnant changed my life. I was lucky enough to have discover YOGA while competing in fitness comps to help bring balance and calm to my mind and body while I was on that 'crazy' body building diet. 

I practiced a lot of yoga throughout my first pregnancy and still remember the very first class i took, I couldn't help but think I wanted to become a Yoga teacher. Let me tell you, standing up and speaking in front of people let alone teaching them yoga, was scary for me, but I really wanted to achieve this goal and now I haven't looked back. Living a Raw food lifestyle and sharing the Healing ancient super foods certainly has been a wonderful journey over the past 4 years of my own transformation. 

Not only do I teach yoga, I also have the opportunity now days to coach people one on one, in groups on workshops and retreats  to make significant changes to their life so they can also find their  true calling that is more align with what they want out of life, how they dream to live their life authentically. 

We all have a something we are good at and are passionate about, but many people struggle to know it through being caught up with a mundane life. 
The 'Find your True North' workshops have been specifically and carefully tailored to help you discover yourself, recreate yourself and find what you truly want out of life and how to start living it on your terms.

The Find your True North is exactly that, it is about defining your goals, dreams and desires. You get to spend quality time on yourself to really explore why you are here, and what you can do in your life to experience that deep sense of satisfaction, vitality and increase your  longevity for life.  

At the age of forty one years of age, I have never felt so vibrant, energised and happy than ever before and it is now my turn to help you recreate yourself and ignite your dreams and soul so you too can live your ideal life. 

Life is short for many and the only way is preventative health.  This retreat is a small investment when you look at the mass benefits you gain and learn how to add years to your life and put a stop to the things you are doing that don't fulfil your heart and  that are possibly  taking years off your life not adding years. 

Its time to re-organise, re-energise, re-store and rejuvenate your mind body and soul. Learn preventative health tools and techniques and unleash your power within.

I have already transformed many peoples lives and now its your turn. These are everyday people living a busy life just like you. 

Check out Ann's story. Weight loss 19.3 kg in 20 weeks


If you are not in WA and want to get started right away, I can be your personal coach today all you have to do is email for your first complimentary coaching evaluation form.

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Sonia who took up the 10 week challenge  lost 33kg in 20 weeks and still maintains a healthy balanced lifestyle today after her transformation over  2 year ago.

“The FYTN workshop gave me the tools that I had spent a lifetime looking for to realign my life in an environment that was both
nurturing and non judgemental. I walked away feeling both inspired and empowered. Tools that will last a lifetime.” Sonia