Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why a Holiday Temptation?

Do you ever feel flat, tired and bored with life?
Do you crave a break, a getaway but never find the time to take it and always find an excuse to put it off.

I am spending this week in Europe, mainly Holland and Paris exploring the food, cultures and Bikram Yoga. Feeling very blessed to be following my ultimate passion in life and turning it into my business so I can help inspire you and others in life.

One of the things I have noticed working with many Women over the years, is how you can often put your desires and dreams aside, and get so wrapped up with living a mundane life. Doing the same thing day in and day out for others, week by week and before you know it another year can flash by.

I am sure you can think of one person close to you or know of someone who knows someone, who may be terminally ill, or have sadly lost someone suddenly. Life comes with so much beauty and abundance but it also can bring pain and loss.

I know how that loss feels, to lose the one you love, physically to death or maybe a separation. In that time it can be hard to pull yourself out of that place of darkness, and it takes different time frames for all. You cope the best way you can, but at some point, even at a low point of your life, something has to all of a sudden change. That moment when you feel yourself get up with renewed energy to move forward and get on with your own life can be the most transformational time of your life. Because you know in your heart you never want to experience it again.

There is many illness and disease out there and the way people after living and eating, it doesn't seem to be getting any better.
My recent flight to Europe I observed people who were sitting around me, in fact it was a little hard not to. One young man on one side of me sniffed the whole entire time, and the other side of me was another   young man who   drank scotch, and craved his cigarettes and also sniffed and splatted. The there was another man with a big belly out the  front who slept, farts, and snored, also coughing and splatting.  Then later the whole entire plane was sniffing and coughing. I want to spray eucalyptus oil, but I plugged in to my meditation and resisted the judgement.
They must have wondered what the earth I was, sitting there munching on raw food, meditating, and writing all my way to Albi Dalbi. I was most likely annoying to them ha. But what's my point here?

Looking after yourself I think should  be number one value in life. You have to put high value on your body and just like in my first book 'How to be a Happier Mum' means really learning how to look after your body like a temple, it is your house, your home, so where every you go your body can serve you well and carry you through a long healthy life. Its that simple if you abuse your body, it is going  to eventually catch up on you at some point.

There is an old saying what goes in must come out. When you live with this principal, it becomes easy to make the right choices. What foods will give you the out put you want. Those heavy foods will give you that heavier energy, it really is that simple. Staying well clear of any food that is going to make you sluggish while travelling and at home is equally important and is making a long term difference to your health and well being.

Nutrition and relaxation are the keys to the kingdom of health. I know you can get moving and stay active and work hard. Most people are caught up in that cycle with many pressures on to work hard, and struggling to keep that balance in every day life until that moment happens where you just have enough and the holiday temptation beats you.

You book a holiday and off you go, to find some moment to relax, restore, re rejuvenate and reorganise your thoughts.
Or maybe you choose to go to a busy exciting place where you just lose yourself in amongst the culture and adventures of a new holiday destination.

Where ever you choose, provides moments to reflect and one of the purpose of taking a holiday is having that time to fully restore your body and re align your energy and thoughts.
The key is to take your renewed energy home with you and put it into practice, so you can live a fully balanced life. For many it starts off great, after a holiday you have energy and a clear mind. But over time many people fall back into those old habits, and some may be self defeating habits, those things you do that take you further away from achieving your goals than closer towards your ultimate goals.

Following your authentic path is one thing, striving to a single destination is another, and that goal in mind to a final destination is not the ultimate, because you never ever get there, it won't all of a sudden bring you the happiness when you reach it, you have to cultivate the happiness and fulfilment in your heart today. When you reach a goal or a place in your life you think is your dream the universe has a way to show you another lesson, to keep you striving forward and learning in life. If we reach something and just think this is it, you will get bored and not continue to learn and grow.

That moment is when stagnant energy kicks in, and that's when you often start thinking its time for a holiday to break up the mundane life.

I am fortunate to carry this amazing feeling of happiness where ever I go, and its a pleasure to teach and inspire my fans and followers to think outside the box, and empower you to continue to make changes and keep on growing. The universe  will present obstacles and challenges and this is how e grow, these challenges are opportunities for self discovery and growth.

So if you are reading this blog today and have a significant obstacle going on in your life, look for the hidden message, it will appear and that is the magical moment that will help you move through with ease and grace.

So holiday temptation can provide you with many insights. Life is too short, if you want to see a place you have always dreamed then book it, don't hold back, who are you trying to please, your boss your spouse, you bank.

I am finally off to Paris tomorrow a place I only dreamed, I knew in my heart I would go there and although this trip is time limited, I know it is giving me a taste and inspiration to return and explore more food culture very soon.

Take time today to think deeply about a dream destination. Write it down, and look at all your options how you can make it happen. For your body to go somewhere you need to see it and believe it first.

The law of attraction is more powerful than you may realise.

Keep your thoughts clear, you mind in tune with what you want in life not what you fear.
Next blog how to eat healthy while travelling and how to eliminate Jet lag.

Love and light from Holland