Sunday, November 3, 2013


You may have noticed more and more people are increasing Raw Food, trying detox programs, going Raw Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Diary Free. It is becoming the new way of life, eating 'Super Foods' I like to call them healing foods, or living foods.

The world has changed so much over the past centuries, and I can't even believe it myself I am now feeling like I lived in an 'Ancient world' when I tell my own daughters stories of when I would visit my next door neighbor who I called 'Nana Barnes' I would  answer her old fashion dial up phone. Her phone use to hang on the wall with a cord and often would ring while I was there visiting her as a teenager.  I have vivid memories answering her phone for her, as she was a very well loved and popular Nana with a huge extended family, her phone was always ringing.

It reminds me of today's world, we just  don't hear phones ring theses days , we seem to hear the sound of a text message or a ding, telling us another email has arrived in our inbox. In fact it is becoming more popular for people to only have mobile phones.

But one thing for sure back in those days and for me we are talking now 41  years ago, Gardens were popular, and especially in NZ where the soil was great for growing your vegetables. Life was very simple and I am proud to say my Mum and Dad still live a simple life with a huge backyard garden my Dad lives for and get his satisfaction from looking after the garden and providing Mum and who ever visits with fresh wholesome food. When we were kids we picked apples off the apple tree from the back yard for a snack, or gooseberries from Nana's gooseberry bush.

 Ann who lost 19.8 kg over 20 weeks on the Nicky Arthur 10 week Mind and Body Transformation

In those days you went out and picked your daily vegetables. But over the years, our food has been so modified,  and our life has become so busy, many people are eating on the run and grabbing what ever they can. As a result there is  more illness, cancers and sick people streaming  into the waiting areas of Doctors rooms.

My daughter and I take a short cut through a Chemist often to get to our local fruit and vegetable store, and she made a comment recently  'Mummy you never ever buy anything in this store, and look at all the products, they are drugs.' It surprised me how aware she was of the Chemist products. She then carried on her conversation at how I spend my time and money at fruit and vegetables stores and health food stores and how nice the energy is in these stores. It is true I just don't spend time or money at Doctors or Chemists.

I am living proof of living this lifestyle for a very long time. I said no to prescription drugs at a very young age, and set out for seeking self discovery and health pathway, the holistic natural way.

It is an exciting time, as we are starting to see change and people become more aware and trust the holistic path. Years ago many people didn't have faith in this path,  you were called a 'Hippy' or some kind of green peace maker, because there was not enough facts, research and resources out there to give the people faith.
 As a universe we have that information and faith  in the world now. We have an abundance of unlimited success stories of people healing and taking the Raw Food Path to heal their body, increase energy, lose weight, strengthen immune system and more. Even former body builders are changing from only eating processed protein bars,  powders and meat, protein and chicken to more RAW wholesome food. Back in my day when I competed, grapes and fruit was a no no, so was nuts!

But here is the deal, on my 10 week Mind and Body Transformation Program we recommend a 100% raw food diet as a detox tool in the first week and just and excellent diet to feel great, increase energy, and in many cases overcome weight gain and health problems.
But what we have discovered over the years of helping others transform in the 10 week program is 95 % of people cannot maintain a STRICT raw food diet for years on end.
I often think of my Balinese Raw Food Chef 'Made' he says, aim for 80 % Raw, and allow some cooked food otherwise it becomes too hard and restrictive.

Many will try this way, but a vast majority will fail, and it got nothing to do with will power or motivation. That is why on our 10 week program we allow some cooked food options on the meal planners.

To put it simply a 'STRICT' raw food diet just doesn't work for most people in the long term. In today's world it is not realistic and what we have found works best to for the vast majority of people to eat a 'HIGH-RAW' diet instead along with healthy cooked options.

You want a raw food program just like our 10 week Mind and Body online program or my 'Cooking with Chia ' with tasty recipes and some cooked options too. That program should be doable in the real world, and give you great results.

This time of the year I spend more time helping others become aware of what goes in their mouth, how they eat it and when they eat it and what with, because this is the start to the crazy busy social time of the year that most people start increasing eating and drinking. I am thankfully in my 5th year of alcohol free and it is a pleasure to help others become healthier and happier.
It means a lot to me personally I walk my talk and are truly authentic to my coaching.

This is the perfect time of the year to look at your health goals. You can sign up for my 10 week Mind and Body Transformation program so you can make those significant changes before another New Years Eve hits and you find yourself going into another New Year no further ahead with making those changes happen. Or you set a New Years resolution the same one every year.

Life and eating shouldn't feel like a prison, and you should be able to have a social life. Anyone who knows me well, also knows I love to socialise and get out to cafes, and enjoy life with my friends and family. It can be done, and I can teach you how to make it an enjoyable fun process.

I am excited to release this Raw Kick Start program for this month with added coaching advise and a private facebook group where you can interact with our members who have already transformed and made amazing changes to their body and life.

I recently met one of my members who has only just completed the program. She looked sensational, trim, toned, sexy, happy, vibrant and radiant. She was glowing and enjoying her new body. This program works and we have many members coming through very happy with results.

You can join today by clicking go to Join NOW.

The 3-Day Retreat is only weeks away now in Karratha. If you are in Karratha please check out the details on the website under retreats and workshops. There is a Raw Food class and two self development workshops that will help you make those changes to your current life so you can start living your ideal life and plenty of Yoga and relaxation.

December we are very excited to announce we have finally found the perfect location for a Raw Food DETOX DAY in Sydney to be help Dec 8th. Limited spaces available. To secure your spot please email me
Further details soon.

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