Saturday, July 26, 2014

Toni's Inspirational Story Divorcing ED Eating Disorder with MBT

Toni's Inspirational Story

A joyful story to read from one of my special VIP members who I have had the great pleasure of working with, coaching her through the 10 Week  Mind Body Transformation Program. I first met Toni over  two years ago in WA at my Find Your True North Workshop. Toni, could not look at herself in the mirror, in fact the pain was so high and painful for her tears  would come and self hate was evident.  It was such a high vibration that I was feeling her pain also. I wanted to help her more than anything. 
So from a compassionate and safe place that very day in that Bikram Hot Yoga room, we began and amazing journey together. 

Read on for Tony's story she has bravely shared with us... To help others know you are not alone and it is possible to transform in happiness and radiant loving energy.

Tony starts with her Poem.

So another 10 weeks has just passed
This second time of MBT for me has gone so fast
Was it the same as the last time round?
No it wasn’t, it was even better I found.

My inspiration and motivation changed from the first time
Something I hope to explain in this little rhyme
So 20 years ago ED entered my life
Eating order it stands for and was nothing but strife

Years of confusing my body no wonder I got sick
I had to do something because I was sinking like a brick
So a friend suggested I do a course called Find Your Truth North
Outside my comfort zone I never knew what was coming forth

However that very workshop many changes were made
My thoughts were challenged and foundations laid
Being someone who plans and aims to prepare
I’d written down some reasons for why I was there
I need to state here that talking about myself is rare
And looking within is definitely hard to share

Self-acceptance was at the top of my list
Acceptance of my body and journey to give you the gist
I wanted mental wellness with physical improvements too
Reducing injury in sport, increasing flexibility and mental strength that’s new
I needed to let ED go, find my authentic self and be me,
And that’s where it all started along my discovery.

I remember trying to look in the mirror in the yoga room
And the tears falling down my cheeks they lasted until noon
As hard as I tried to stop crying and my emotions I fought
It was such a defining moment and a glimpse I had caught
Of my authentic self, peeking from behind the tears
It was the scariest thing because I hadn’t seen her in years.

The workshop finished and I decided to keep the vibe
So I took a leap of faith and to MBT I did subscribe
I wasn’t looking to lose weight, ED had convinced me of this fact
I was looking to get well and fix all the things I thought I lacked.
I survived the first 10 weeks, with bumps along the way
I set goals and achieved and at times did shout hooray!!

Sometimes things didn’t quite go as well as planned
Infact there were days where I really couldn’t give a damn
But you know there was always an email, in the next day or three
A motivation or mindset, affirmation and recipe

So after the first 10 weeks and some goals that were a success
I contacted Nicky again for I had to confess,
Not everything had gone to plan for the changes that I’d made
Had slipped from sight and were now beginning to fade.
She reminded me of that day I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror
It was time again to revisit my life and to tackle all my fear

I’ve just only finished the second 10 week MBT
I have again accomplished and made changes I can see
First of all ED is gone, and his voice in my head
I feel the freedom in food and no longer eating do I dread
I have mindfulness in my food, I pause and I reflect
There are so many changes that I didn’t expect.

The affirmations I scoffed and laughed at first time round
How can stating things outloud to yourself be a process that’s sound?
I took on the challenge to use them this time
There are two in particular that I use within my mind
The first – It’s not easy, but it is worth it
Continues to be relevant and reminds me not to forfeit
The second – all I need, is within me now
Is my biggest revelation and has told me about the how

How to overcome my negative thinking and to think positively
How to look within myself and search for authentic me
How to make food that fuels my body and heals my soul
How to use affirmations to make my journey whole
How to be a better mum, a wife and good friend too
How to tackle anxiety when taking on things that are new
How to conserve my energy and rest and recuperate
How to live more in the moment and relax about my fate
How to continue my journey wherever the destination may be
How to nurture and love myself, and look in the mirror to see
My authentic self is no longer peeking, she’s looking back with a smile
This tells me that the MBT is a course that is worthwhile.


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