Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Turmeric and Black Peppercorn Tea

Turmeric and Black Peppercorn Tea

My winter favourite Tea. Why? Because it is  warming on you digestive system and turmeric has so many amazing health benefits. 
Living a Raw Life style doesn't mean you can not sip on beautiful healing warm teas. But what are the health benefits? 
  • When combined with cauliflower, research has shown it helps to prevent prostate cancer and can stop the growth of existing prostate cancer.
  • It is a natural pain killer. Great for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia,  and Autoimmune and inflammatory issues.
  • It is a very potent natural anti-inflammatory 
  • Eases headaches, muscle and joint pain.
  • Used for depression in Chinese medicine, you can use this in its simple form and get results.
  • Research shows it may even prevent metastases from occurring in many cancers, what have you got to lose when it is a natural source of food. 
  • Liver cleanser
  • Support immune system
  • Mood booster 
Why wouldn't you add this spice to your LIFE?

Overall it is an uplifting energising drink, beautiful and soothing on your digestive system and I personally believe it can help with weight loss.  The black pepper is what add the fire in the belly for better digestion and more efficient metabolism. Drink it when you feel like that 'something else' It seems to satisfy the need, keep carvings at bay, may you feel positive and uplifting and at the same time calm and relaxed. 
If you struggle with depression, or low mindset or thoughts, this is a must for you to start drinking. 

Here is my simple Turmeric Tea recipe

1 tspn turmeric spice 
1 cup of boiling water slightly cooled. 
couple of twists of black peppercorn 

Pour water into a large cup or mug, stir in turmeric spice, add pepper, stir briskly. Tip you will need to continue to stir as you drink this as the turmeric will settle to the bottom. After you have consumed your drink, make sure you soak your cup as turmeric can stain some mugs depending on the quality of the mug. My mums tip is to use rub table salt on the cups to remove the tea stain. 
At first you may not like it, but hang in there and give it a chance, it will grow on you.
Its that simple. 

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