Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What is your goal? Check out my 'YES YOU CAN DO IT!' inspiration.

                                           'Yes you can do it habits'

What is your goal? Are you working on something over spring time. Now is the perfect time to get motivated and inspired, with spring time in the air and summer near. Setting a goal is one thing, believing in yourself is another but practising the power of thought is EVERYTHING. 

These steps are something you can apply to your life everyday to create positive and healthy habits.   
Be daring, ‘Yes You Can Do it”
  • Next time you look in the mirror, say something POSITIVE about yourself. Stop focusing on the faults, look for what is beautiful and positive about YOU and your amazing BODY
  • Show appreciation for someone’s point of view. Say something like. ‘Hey that is a great idea’ 
  • Think of a personal belief you may have about your self.  Eg. ‘I am not good enough’ 'I don't have the resources!' Now repeat the belief in a positive affirmation. “I am great at what I do.’ ‘Yes I can do it’'I have more than enough!'
  • Think of your ‘Circle of influence’ The people you kick around with. Do they add to your dreams and goals and support yo in what you do, or do they detract.
  • Think of someone a friend, or loved one who has been acting out of character lately, consider what that person might be going through, show compassion and love.
  • When you have nothing to do, what occupies your mind? Make a list. List all your dreams and goals. The power of thought is more powerful than we realise. What occupies my time and energy?...........................................................................................
  • Golden rule, treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. Don’t be impatient, complain about others, or bad mouth someone, unless you want the same treatment back in return. What we think we attract. Get aligned, mind, body and soul!
  • Sit in a quiet place alone. Think about what matters to you. Write it down. There is power in writing down your goals. 
  • Listen to the lyrics of music that inspires you. Evaluate if they are in harmony with the principles you believe in. There is power in every vibration we surround ourselves and what we think, creates a vibration out to the universe. 
  • Work hard ethic! Go the extra mile. Where is your FOCUS?  When you serving someone, helping someone, or maybe delivering a project or in your day to day work force, try going the extra mile and do more than expected. This principle will get you far in life.
  • Next time you hit an obstacle or a hard situation and don’t know what to do? Sit quietly, find some stillness, surround yourself around nature and connect to your higher self, call it your guides, intuition, God, Shiva, divine energy, and  ask yourself ‘What principle should I apply here? Honesty, Unconditional Love, Loyalty, Hard work, Patience, Trust?' Now follow the principle and don’t look back.
Easier said than done sometimes! Right? I get it, however the real key to creating new habits and a new MINDSET is REPETITION. It is just like my daily Yoga Practice often I do the same posture over and over again, until I feel and see a 'Break through' Never give up, keep moving forward and know our life journey is a journey to be enjoyed, rather than feeling like and ongoing struggle. Often people are about to hit greater success, it can be just around the corner, but you give up before allowing the success to follow, remember the Yes I can do it, that is what will get you over the line.

I created the 10 Week online program to assist people with a new way of thinking, a new way of eating and a new way of living, awhile new paradigm. The program teaches you to surround yourself with nature and align your food, mind and body back to what nature always intend for you. A healthy, flexible, open mind and body, filled with harmony, peace, energy, vitality. It is a program to lead you to inner health and vitality and yes you may lose a kilo or two along the way. 

After many years of researching the brain and the power we have to link our mind and body together to effect the life we lead is becoming more and more vital in today's rapidly changing world. 
End struggle, ignite your inner strength and power to adapt a YES I CAN DO IT attitude today by following the simple yet effective habits.

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'Live life with passion and positive energy'