Sunday, April 12, 2015

Discover the Power of Living Raw – Nicky Arthur

Health and vitality expert Nicky Arthur’s latest book Discover the Power of Living Raw is all about one of the biggest, most appetising food trends we’ve seen over the last couple of years: raw, unprocessed food.

Arthur, also a yoga teacher, workshop presenter and motivational speaker, covers everything from the surprising raw versions of pasta, pizza and sourdough breads to the fats that you should include in your diet to promote brain function, elevate mood, and prevent depression. Her recipes take a strong holistic approach and place the emphasis not on losing weight (as many recipe books do), but on being healthy.

With a host of delicious recipes to try for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and all that comes between – think grains, dips, smoothies, spiced teas, and importantly, desserts – Discover the Power of Living Raw is not short of ideas or options, even for the most reluctant diner.

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