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Healing Power of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush. Advocates say it treats wound infections and other conditions.

Yoga is an Ancient healing practice but do you know how powerful Manuka honey is for healing?
 Manuka honey is your  medicine.

Healing Power of Manuka Honey
Honey has been used since ancient times to treat multiple conditions. It wasn't until the late 19th century that researchers discovered that honey has natural antibacterial qualities. New Zealand born and raised I know all about Manuka honey, in fact I couldn’t believe when I arrived in Australia the lack of Manuka honey in the stores, thankfully we are now seeing it more and more in our local stores. Today I found it in Harris Farm. Back in my child-hood days we were blessed to visit the bee hives and receive real honey from the hive, fresh without any processing or fancy packaging. I use to be so intrigues with the process from the pollen to the bee to the hive and beautiful pure honey to enjoy.
Beautiful Central Otago where I spent all my child hood holidays.

The healing powers and curative properties of honey have been known to our  indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It has been used for  dressing wounds before antibiotics came in to our lives, DRUGS.  New Zealand's Maori were the first to identify the healing properties of manuka and some of their tonics and remedies are still used today. You know I respect and value Auryvedic medicine, Raw Food healing and and now I am sharing with you the power of  Manuka Honey. I respect this honey more and more as many of my clients are reaping rewards by using it at time of need. 
If only we could all learn, trust and believe in this way of living and healing I am sure we would not need to purchase the over the counter drugs like many people are programmed at doing, and we would live longer and have happier bodies waling around. Living a pain free life is everything. You can have all the money you wish and wealth but if you have not got your health and vitality, you have nothing. If you care about your loved ones and know someone who is sick why not share this article with them.  A close  friends mum  of 92 yrs recently took the Manuka honey after fighting a sickness and said 'It felt like I was being healed from the inside out' and so it is. 

Now we need to talk about the WHY is it so expensive, and how powerful honey really is.
1.    Honey protects against damage caused by bacteria
2.    Stimulates production of special cells that can repair tissue damaged by infection
3.    An anti-inflammatory action that can quickly reduce pain  and inflammation once it is applied.
4.     Healing open wounds, acts like an antibiotic to stop infection. 

I know how expensive the doctors visits can be these days, wouldn't you rather pay for Manuka honey than a visit to the doctor? It is expensive because of the quality and the higher the UMF the higher the price. I got results with only 5+ but apparently the results can differ from strength to strength. You can get any where from 5+- 25. Look at it like your medicine. It is very healing and powerful. 

Please note: not all honey is the same. The antibacterial quality of honey depends on the type of honey as well as when and how it's harvested. Some kinds of honey may be 100 times more potent than others. Manuka honey comes in different strengths.
Hydrogen peroxide is a component of honey which  gives most honey its antibiotic quality. Manuka honey, also have other components with antibacterial qualities.

 Recently I was pushing my body to it limit, with work, juggling motherhood and a massive challenge to overcome along with keeping u pwith my regular Yoga practice, my body said NO STOP  you are need to restore, I could feel a cold coming on, aches and just a whole sense if depleted energy.
So as I do, practice what I preach, this couldn’t be a better time to do exactly what I would recommend my clients. I turned my health and vitality around within 12 hrs.

Here are the steps
1.    Hot Epson salt bath
2.    Restorative Yoga
3.    Manuka honey every couple of hrs I took ½ teaspoon
4.    Lemon ginger and manuka honey
5.    Early night
6.    Postive mind set
Getting back to my childhood upbringing. Where does the name MANUKA come from. One of my lovely clients asked recently, and I was put to the test to remember promptly. I should know right! 
The word ‘Manuka’ was commonly used by my Father for his fine wood he wood chop and stack for the fire. I can still remember his voice 
"I have beautiful  good quality dry mankuka for the fire." My father was all about quality, he has an amazing vegetable garden, grows the best tomatoes and vegetables, and also had a fetish about good quality wood 'MANUKA WOOD'  to burn to keep his family warm throughout the freezing winters we experienced in Dunedin. So MANUKA is a tree and Bees feed on the Manuka tree flowers. 

Manuka flowers are 10-12 millimetres across and generally pure white. 

More on Manuka honey

Another antibacterial component in manuka honey is methylglyoxal (MG). MG is a compound found in most types of honey, but usually only in small quantities. This may sound like science and as I often refer to in Yoga healing nutrition is scientific but also logic, it comes from NATURE and nature provided us all these live grown foods to keep our body vital and alive for longevity. This is why the raw food way of life is starting to get a lot of notice these days because people are reading the research and seeing the results and stories of healing and preventative health. It really isn’t rocket science, however if you are like the general population, you need to build trust and relearn old habits and know what and how to eat live grown foods with out processed foods and meat.
In manuka honey, MG comes from the conversion of another compound -- dihydroxyacetone -- that is found in high concentration in the nectar of manuka flowers.
MG is thought to give manuka honey some of its antibacterial power. The higher the concentration of MG, the stronger the antibiotic effect. But, there may also be other compounds involved in the medicinal effect of manuka honey.

Unique Manuka Factor.

Honey producers have developed a scale for rating the potency of manuka honey. The rating is called UMF, which stands for Unique Manuka Factor.

This is the UMF Manuka honey I used 5+ 
Please consult your health store for more information on what strength you need.

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