Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Manifesting your dream life

Manifesting your dream life.

By Nicky Arthur, Author, yoga
teacher, workshop presenter

Nature intended you to live a happy and fulfilled  life. Yet most people live their life on auto pilot where the non conscious brain keeps repeating the same old behaviours. Most people don’t realise you are the one responsible for your own actions to living your dream life. You are the architect of your life
and the world around you is a canvas waiting for you to throw paint to your masterpiece.

Enlightened people activate the brains frontal lobes and choose a more satisfying direction for their life.
It’s impossible to manifest a dream life unless you are prepared to do the work in all areas of your life.
This means working on your self development work, learning to grow, learn and love. You must be prepared to change your habits for change to take place. This means working through what makes you happy, any dysfunctional behaviours, (use of alcohol and drugs) financial security, and lack of
acceptance. Using meditation, affirmations and visualization are all tools and techniques to help you push through it. Negative emotions are a reflection of lack of alignment in your life.

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What are your personal values, actions and goals?

Eliminating limiting beliefs is an essential skill for manifesting your dream life. Don’t get stuck on the success level of existence, where all that is important is pleasing the ego and its competitive instincts eg more money, bigger home, better car, latest television, fancy job title. That’s all about getting and taking. The real level of happiness and fulfilment is when you transition to the significance phase of life where you are giving to others. Where can you help people grow, develop and improve.

Steps to manifest your dream life.
  • Activate your brains frontal lobes by sitting in silence or meditation for 30 mins at the start of each day.
  • Practice yoga and exercise to keep your mind and body healthy.
  • Eat wholesome, live foods, preservative and toxin free. This can help eliminate a toxic body and mind.
  • Get back to your thoughts and change the script by practicing writing and saying positive affirmations everyday: ‘How may I serve today?’
  • Set goals that have great meaning and share life experiences.

'Manifesting your dream life can be easy you just need to practice a daily ritual and goodness will come.'

Look out for my new book soon which will give you all the tools to transform, evolve and get out of hopelessness step into freedom. 

Allow love & light to prevail
Nicky xx

P.S Look out for my new book soon which will give you all the tools to transform, evolve and get out of hopelessness step into freedom and contentment

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