Monday, September 7, 2015


C H I L D R E N are our FUTURE 
Here is an extract from the 108 Mantras of How to Be a Happier Mum by Nicky Arthur 

When a mother transcends to happiness it creates an enriched environment for the children. 
Are you a mirror of 
happiness to those around you? 
69. I am aware of my thoughts and actions and this reflects positively on my children. 
70. I remind myself to pause and take full deep breaths when my children challenge me. 
71. I Love my children unconditionally and show my love for them each and every day. 
72. I make time to be in the present moment with my children. 
73. I treasure every day with my children.  
74. I make time to send positive thoughts and love to my children. 
75. I encourage my children to share their thoughts and I am eager to listen. 
76. I endeavor to set the best example for my children. 
77. I am always there to support and nurture my children.

Repeat one affirmation per day.  Focus on that affirmation and you will receive positive change balance and peace. #happiness #mum #health #motherhood #parenting #energy #calm #bliss #children #selfdevelopment #positivity #affirmations #presentmoment #holistic #life #changing #lifestyleblogger #howtobeahappiermum #love #connect #soul