Thursday, June 30, 2016

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

From my years of experience and study on health and fitness I am excited to share 
with you what works and how to get results. The results most people are after are 
similar. Increase energy, vitality, fitness and WEIGHT LOSS. You can exercise all you 
like but if your nutrition is not clean then you will always struggle to make 
changes. I have watched members in the gym for over 20yrs train and never change 
their body. If you workout just to feel great and maintain then you are achieving 
your goal. However if you are sick of 'yo yo' dieting and never getting results then 
listen up! 

 Recipe above from our BIKINI MAMA member  Jo, who is making clean and healthier choices. 

Learning how the body works and how it was originally designed, helps you 
understand why our bodies just don't function the best on processed foods, gluten 
and white flour, artificial sweetener's etc. 
In a nutshell: our bodies were never designed to break down these food types. When you add 
water to flour, what does it do? It acts like glue, and is very hard to even rinse off 
the bowl... this helps us understand how it works inside our body. It takes your
digestive system a huge amount of energy to break down white bread, flour, fried 
foods or any heavy foods that are processed and toxic to our bodies. This is why 
you can feel tired after eating such foods. 
Getting your digestive system working to optimal condition plays a vital role in 
weight loss, energy and internal health. 
Let me coach you on how to live a healthy and vibrant life. 
Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food"
Our bodies were designed generations ago to eat LIVE GROWN foods, years ago they 
lived off green leaves from plants. 
This program is not a diet. When you diet you deprive your body from nutrients. My program is a way of life, it educates you on what you need to add back to your life rather than focusing on elimation and deprivation. 

Join my next BIKINI MAMA & be inspired to make the changes to live the life you dream with energy & vitality.


( a summer body, made in winter!'