Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Being is probably the most beautiful thing in the world. 


There will be great days but there will be days that you're too stressed out running after your little ones and well, being a mom. Which is why you need a way to destress and do something for yourself because you deserve that. 
Finding something that you love to do, a hobby is a great way to enjoy yourself and still be the world's greatest mom. For me, that "something" is yoga, specifically the program I made called "Bikini Mama". For me, it has changed my life. It made my daily living easy and it's something I can do with my girlfriends to relax and enjoy while getting more benefits than you could possible imagine. Let me list them down for you.
1. Body Transformation
It's no secret how much motherhood demands from our bodies. We give away our body for 9 months in order to grow a tiny human baby and no one really warns you about the consequences of giving birth. With yoga, we promote getting your ideal body back in just a few weeks. We aim to promote toning and strengthening of your body. Those backpains you experience for working so hard, we can make go away. Through this process, you will also  lose weight if it's your goal. I will help you get the body you long to get back. 
2. Owning your happiness
As women, we also need a "ME" time. With Bikini Mama, you have the opportunity to feel good about yourself after a good session. We need to own our happiness. We need to remember to feel good about ourselves. Even if we sometimes don't have time for ourselves, we can always have Bikini Mama to back to and feel relaxed and connect to our inner selves.
3. Feeling and looking Healthy
With our busy schedules, who has the time to check if we had a good run like we used to. One session can change that. We can feel healthy in the inside and the outside with Bikini Mama. This program increases the energy you have inside and projects it to the rest of the world. You will be full of positivity in no time. You will feel good about yourself- which is what we all want. 
4. Spreading the Happiness you gain
With Bikini Mama, I can guarantee you that this will bring happiness to you and your family. The effect of our program is not just to make you feel good about yourself and to be happy. This also gives a ripple effect to the people around you- your family. You will have inner happiness like no other. You will be able to spread the love and happiness you gain with our sessions to your family and everyone you meet.
It's time you give yourself a chance to feel good and look good at the same time. Join BINIKIN MAMA ROUND 2  2016. Register Now EAT BETTER and LOSE WEIGHT! Register here: http://bit.ly/1syrUFz #bikinimama2 #nickyarthur See you there!