Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fire Blessing ~ Agni Hotra




Agni Hotra is an ancient fire ceremony originating from the sacred Vedic Hindu texts. Centuries past, the tradition of Agni Hotra in Bali was embraced and fused with animistic rituals; however, following a great fire, it fell out of practice nearly 350 years ago.
I just had the most amazing spiritual healing here at Fivelements on my Body Work Wellness Retreat in the Agni Hotra, fire ceremony blessing. 

The ceremony specifically guides you through a deep meditation with mantra and vibrational sounds of the bell Also a series of sequences burning the negative energy and praying for the peace, success, healing what ever your problem is.

 Its one of my favorite ceremony here on the retreat, and this year after taking part in 4 ceremonies in a row this was the one that moved me deeper along my journey. Allow me to share. 
The last 4 years I personally have been working g through some "crap" and working g very hard to heal and create a better version of myself through it, for me and for my darling children. 
While in the ceremony you are asked to hold the coconut and take part in a mantra and sequence then take your coconut to the edge and break it representing breaking your EGO,  the first ceremony I struggled to break my coconut, last year it was easier but still took a couple of breaks and still broke in at least three pieces, this year it was a one beautiful clean break in two, and I felt very hunble. We then sat back in meditation holding our coconuts chanting, ready to burn the coconuts ~ representing to burn your EGO. This is where the magic took place, the priest then sprinkles HOLLY water over you, and beautiful pink and rose flower petals, ( my favorite part as I just love flower petals!) I then felt a light tickling on the side of my forehead and face, I had my eyes shout and thought it was the priest touching my face doing more magical sequencing, but then the feeling was evident it was a beautiful trickle of water very very slowly, tricking down my face slower than what you  can imagine. While taken into a deeper state of meditation with more chanting and bells, we were guided and asked to pray on the problem and ask for the healing, by letting go of that negativity & praying on the healing or what you are seeking. I'm meditating on this intention while feeling the intense heat of the fire, all while feeling this beautiful soft gentle trickle of holly water that magically trickled down the side of my face, down my right side of my neck, I didn't want it to end, I felt in a safe state of pure love and ecstasy,  then it continued down my chest, and down my heart Centre. BUT wait, then more magic unfolded, as this trickle reached my heart I felt the healing take place, it was so crystal clear and strong, ANOTHER trickle simultaneously began to trickle down before the last one finished at my heart ❤️ I then sat with this special experience taking me  deeper into a state of ecstasy, joy contentment and knowing my prayer is being granted. As the second trickle of HOLLY water slowing softy touched my face and trickles ever so slowly exactly the same kind and way, I was able to ACCEPT and enjoy this experience in the present moment. I felt forgiveness, intention of breaking the ego, and trusting my prayer is granted. I was able to sit with it the second time without judgement, but pure joy peace and contentment. 
It truly was the most spiritual healing I have received here this time around as I continually bring new people to Fivelements all experiencing their own journey of healing in their own way and path. 



Today, there is a revival of the practice of Agni Hotra for its powerful healing effects not only in Bali but worldwide.
Agni refers to fire and Hotra means, healing. This healing fire ceremony is considered one of the highest Vedic rituals. Specially trained priests make offerings of ghee and grains into the fire while reciting Sanskrit mantras to invoke blessings of health and abundance. Participants are also invited to join the priests at specified times with offerings of rice into the fire, as symbol of divine light. The ritual is for energizing and purifying the environment, healing both the participants and those living in the area. There are many anecdotal stories of healing in relation to the Agni Hotra and even evidence of benefits to agricultural areas where Agni Hotra is performed.
We invite you to experience Fivelements’ Agni Hotra ceremony to steep in the atmosphere of this sacred tradition, experience its healing benefits and convene in the spirit of One. Join my healing retreats and experience more than you will ever know.