Thursday, August 11, 2016

Experience the best yoga, raw vegan wellness retreat at your doorstep Karratha.

The Karratha 3 Day YogaFit is returning October 14th -16th 2016. Experience the best yoga raw and vegan food wellness retreats at your doorstep.  Discover a world of joyful celebrations of food that is clean, nutrient-dense and life-giving. Raw and vegan foods are about listening to our bodies, embracing food in its beautiful natural form and taking the focus off animal products and processed foods. This could be a daunting prospect for those who feature meat and dairy regularly in their diets, but a raw and vegan food wellness holiday allows you to freely explore this exciting way of nourishing yourself. Combining the 3 Day Yogafit programs help your  wellness retreat offer expert guidance and a safe and supportive environment  in which to naturally lose weight, embark on a detox journey and  learn how to embrace raw veganism long-term or as a tool to cleanse your entire mind, body, temple, your life. 

Over the 3 days you will discover why healthy eating is so good for you and that fuelling yourself with natural food is an amazing way to be kind to your body, with endless benefits for your immune system, energy levels, skin, digestion and more. With beans, legumes, nuts and seeds packed full of protein, witness your fitness capabilities increase and prioritise listening to your body as you combine learning a raw and vegan lifestyle with the self-care practices of mindfulness and meditation. With healthy detox food 3 day program and support , discover everything you’ll need to perform to your best in yoga workouts, meditation and relaxation classes during your mini wellness retreat and  beyond.
Whether you are looking for a short-term raw vegan food detox or an educational healthy eating detox program , discover our guide to the best raw and vegan food wellness retreats recipes, and yogafit sessions and  creations are waiting to inspire and fulfil you.

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Here's what some of our YOGAFIT past participants say

Wonderful & very Inspiring 

Loved the outdoor Yoga 

100% met my expectations 

I love the way Nicky talks you in &  out of all the moves!

I love Nicky! Love the commitment & care

Fantastic Vinyasa together - something that is so hard to get to flow on your own- I could do it all day long. 

Lovely & empowering 

My expectations measure up over the top! 

The interest & encouragement each person received. 

It was wonderful as her encouragement took me to my limits!

Just bloody marvelous 

I really enjoyed the evening  power sessions with lots of sweating! 

Great to be part of it!

Love it! Exhausted but at and same time exhilarated and inspired to do more!

Positive insightful educational 

Exceeded my expectations 

Nicky's tireless energy- irresistible positivity & encouragement 

More more more frequently please 

Nicky is a rare gem!  Look forward to seeing more of her in the PILBARA please. 

I have loved & hated each minute - but what a beautiful opening experience 

This weekend surpassed my expectations 

Beautiful sweat, stretch, breathing, stillness & meditation 

Spot on!

My impression of the strength of this 3 day YOGAFIT  weekend for me was Nicky's inspiring stories & life experience wisdom and the outdoor practice, intensity of evening classes 
Combination of different yoga practices meditation & breathing 

Was awesome 

Loved the 2 hr X  2 hr sessions per day 
And the talking whilst resting/recovering good time to listen and learn 

Very positive energy 

I always thought yoga was too 'spiritual' for me, but Nicky you are so down to earth that it's made me get the yoga virus 

Fantastic experience 

I hope you come back to PILBARA 

Very well explained by someone who really cares and doesn't just move on at a cracking pace! 

Fantastic- was just what I needed to kick start my yoga journey again 

Exceeded expectations - this has defiantly kick started my healthy eating and training and practice again 

It was great - new experience and new learning 

It was all positive, even in a few days I feel looser in the joints and stronger in the knees! 

After coming here never done detox or yoga it's exactly what I needed turning 44-45 this year! It had given me the perfect start to carry on with new roots to get through, the next years ahead that challenge women 😊