Monday, May 29, 2017

One change at a Time

One change at a Time. πŸ™πŸ» πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Are you looking for Instant Relaxation,  Deep Yoga Stretches and Spine Bends – Core & Upper Body Strength 

Yoga is a spiritual path that leads to your core authentic centre of yourself.

As your online Yoga Coach, I see my role as helping you to make healthier choices and encouraging your to take action daily to realise your goals and dream life style.

If we have the knowledge and tools and desire to change then we are best positioned to make affirmative changes in our life. 

Yoga can be your tool, your daily practice helping you to find you, recreate yourself and your life. It helps you increase self esteem, faith, love and abundance in your life. Yoga re aligns your posture, heals and changes your life for the better. My workouts will guide you as a beginner, intermediate or advance student. 


The yoga  journey  takes you through valleys of darkness where you will meet anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, pride, jealousy and much more on the way.

Deep happiness is something you can not seek through external achievements alone, yoga can be a great tool to discover and help you look within to cultivate the tool of the equanimous mind so that you can be strong and be brave.

Once you arrive at the center of yourself and wake up, and awakening process unfolds  of light, knowledge, peace and love fills your heart, inner beauty, love and  happiness radiates. 

Practice practice practice until your world changes. Practice until there is nothing left but the pure joy of surrender, surrender to let go of all evil and negativity, surrender to the things you can’t change and embrace the things you can. ​ Believe in yourself through the power of yoga and meditation and  Practice every day with me.  Never give up.


Nicky xx


Nicky's Online 10 Week Yoga Workouts. For Core

strength, Flexibility and inner strength and happiness.

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The practice that takes care of your Mind Body Soul ~ includes core and upper body strength and posture alignment.


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