Tuesday, May 23, 2017

V I T A L I T Y~ What does it mean to you



Hi there,

How is your week going. Just wanted to pop into your inbox to bring you a dose of positive  energy and share with you one ting I have done daily for many moons, that helps you feel more vital. 


Tired? Feeling ratty? You could be running low on vital nutrients!


I am here to help you begin the journey of feeling more VITAL! Changes that will give renewed vitality 



My Dad's Garden! New Zealand soil known to be rich in minerals. But  is it?  I know the soil in various parts of the world can lack vital minerals our bodies need! I like to think we can get all the right amounts and keep illness and dis~ease at bay. If you deplete your body daily by exercise, stress, alcohol or packaged foods then maybe you are missing a vital ingredient for VITALITY. 

Read on for my daily ritual cocktail. 


This is what it means to me.


The state of being radiant, strong, active energy and exuberance!





















bounce in your step








The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things. "The vitality of seeds"

while on any of my programs this is my number one thing to help others feel more VITAL. Many women join to lose weight and get fit, but after spending more and more time with women on the retreats and on my online program and one to one coaching this comes up at the top of the list as a number one goal to achieve. 

 ' I want to feel more VITAL!'


My programs help you with changes that will give renewed vitality. Lets take a look at one thing that can help you today and that is that number one thing I do every day and every night. My daily cocktail. Read on to get the recipe. First take a little quick look at why magnesium is so vital for your body.




DEFICIENCY: Magnesium. 


OTHER SYMPTOMS: Out-of-character irritability. 


RDA: 300mg a day for men and 270mg a day for women. 


WHAT IT DOES: Helps convert food we eat to energy, and ensures the health of the para-thyroid glands in the neck, which produce hormones important for bone health. 

Essential for maintenance of bones and teeth, which use 60 per cent of our body’s total magnesium content. 

This metallic element is also vital for the transmission of nerve impulses, the contraction of muscles and the regulation  of body temperature. 


WHO NEEDS IT: Premenstrual women and the elderly, who need magnesium to maintain healthy bones. 


GOOD SOURCES: Spinach — 90g gives almost three-quarters of our recommended daily allowance. Also found in almonds and whole meal bread (one slice equals 10 per cent of RDA).


I am passionate about helping other woman hungry for change feel vital, it's a big part of what I help educate  in my programs. I will guide you what is the best brands to look out for she supplementing. 


Making changes can be overwhelming. The key is to make small changes daily step by step by incorporating a new healing recipe, mindset or fitness exercise. 


So today I want to share with you one thing I do every day that changed my life many moons ago. 


Nicky's Daily Cocktail morning & night 


1 teaspoon vitamin c ascorbic acid powder 

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar - Brags 

5 grams magnesium powder 

1/2 lemon, squeezed 

1/2 glass filtered water 


Option take a B 12 stress tablet when under times of pressure. 


Just this simple new ritual could change your life.


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(I honour the divine light within you and I hour the light within me)

Nicky xx