Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Centre Yourself

 Centering Yourself

In amongst  the daily grind challenges can appear and often when you least

expect it. How often have you had your day planned out and you hit a thorn in
your daily pathway. How do you keep yourself accountable for following
through with peace harmony and joy when the road becomes blocked.
Generally there are two states of dealing with challenges or obstacles, either a
positive harmonious way or a in an emotional negative state.
Today's changing fast paced world can add pressure to many.
Centering yourself first can be the best way moving forward in any obstacle or
challenge the arises in your day.
But this can be easier said than done. Think about your response last time
something landed in your day.

Helpful tips when striving to stay connected to your true self and centered

• Pause , connect with breath and reflect
• Respond in a positive state, not an emotional state
• Get all facts before responding, the problem may not be as bad as you
• Find your core your centre where peace, harmony and joy is within you
• Let go of trying to control the problem but take necessary action
• Thoughtfulness, be kind
One of the yoga sutras in Yoga called ‘Satya’ which means "truthfulness" Just
because something is true, however does not mean that it needs to be said!
Being thoughtful with your words and avoiding harsh language and hurtful
gossip is just as important as speaking the truth.
Follow these tips can not only sweeten your own life, but also "contribute to
the well-being of the whole world."