Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mother Grain 'Quinoa'

I love this grain. Being a Raw food lover doesn't necessarily  mean you have to be 100% Raw. You can easily live a raw food lifestyle and aim to eat 80% Raw 20% cooked. That way you get to enjoy some of the other SUPER FOODS that have been around for ancient years, just like the Mother Grain 'Quinoa' pronounced 'Keen-Wah'

I am surprised daily at how many folks are still unaware for this amazing creative grain. I speak to many people in the health and fitness industry daily and I am quietly surprised at how many people have not yet  heard of 'Quinoa'
It's my job and passion to share these healing foods to the world and to you! After all nature attended us all to live a long, happy and healthy life. Right. But what went wrong? Food and nature started being tampered with. Year by year more and more processed foods were introduces, more chemicals have been used to spray and protect the harvesting of our food, more toxins pollute the air and the list goes on.

Exploring the ancient super foods excite me, because it is an easy way to get right back to nature in its wholesome natural form as much as possible. Just like the wonder seed 'chia' hence why I loved writing and creating my new cook book 'Cooking with Chia'


Think about it for a minute. These seeds and grains are organic, and have very rarely any processing or additives. They come in their most natural state and in a nutshell they can HEAL and energise your body, mind and soul.

I can write and talk about nutrition all day. I still find it hard to listen to Doctors and specialist, nutritionist who are heavily over weight, or even under weight, and don't radiate inner health and try to preach health and nutrition when it is simple the proof is in the pudding. Being healthy shows. Its something you feel from within. Your energy is high and you can go and go all day like a ever ready battery.
My wish is everyone in the world can feel this way, and all live a long healthy happy life.
So this week I am sharing the 'Mother Grain' Quinoa. I personally love the Certified RED Quinoa.
It comes in many different colors, but the red is a great contrast in salads and cereals. There is so much you can do with this grain. I use it a lot in my chia recipes and makes a healthy high protein meal or snack.
It has a nutty and delicous taste and . It’s also pretty good on iron and fibre, which gets the nutritionists excited.


1. Wash the grain before use 
2. It looks like a grain but is actually a SEED!
3. It has an intersting taste and texture, I love the chewy texture and 
4 I recently spent time in LA with my cousin Sussie from Peru and learnt from her the Grain that is commonly used in Peru for many years is best soaked and then cooked unitl the seed opens to reap the full health benefits. I see many cafes using quinoa these days but the seed has not been cooked long enough and is quite closed
5. It has become more readily available just like our wonder seed CHIA.  
6 Use it in breads, crispbreads, cereals, desserts, stews, quiche and salads
7. Great for vegetarians and gluten free lovers

I love Quinoa and always have a bowl ready in my fridge for those quick and easy recipes.

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