Tuesday, August 11, 2015

N I C A U R A ~ Life-Stlye Boho collection

N I C A U R A ~ A Life Style Boho Collection

‘Style with Grace’

Bringing to you healthy quick and easy Raw Vegan Recipes, Yoga exercises to help you feel invigorated healthy and radiant, meditation exercises to help you stay in your zone of happiness and productivity, 
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    N I C A U R A     Boho collection 

               ‘Stlye with Grace’ 

Fleetwood Mac once sang “dreams unwind, love’s a state of mind” and new bohemian label Auguste is the fusion of both. Australian designer Ebony Eagles has combined her love of a free-spirited, eclectic lifestyle with a vision of creating wearable pieces to express this.
The label pays homage to a youth spent in the sun-drenched, salt-stained haze of Byron Bay, the heart of bohemia. Designed for the girl the moon on her mind and salt water in her soul, Auguste's signature aesthetic is the love-child of soft, dreamy separates and feminine and floaty silhouettes.
This eclectic mix of boho dresses, kimonos, rompers, printed basics, soft skimming skirts and delicate separates are designed around the philosophy “wear what makes you feel beautiful’. The Auguste Girl curates her world through seeking an authentic beauty… In the places she wanders through, the daydreams in her head and the fabric draped across her skin.
Vintage inspired with a contemporary boho twist, the core of the range is created from crepe, soft rayons, cottons and lace, with special detailing like hand-printed fabrics, hand-stitched embroideries and applique.
Shoes are optional. Sparkling eyes, a little moonlight grooving and Stevie Nicks are highly recommended. 
Gypsy souls, welcome home.

Raw Food Benefits

I believe that taking care of yourself is the best insurance that you can have for a vibrant life full of joy and happiness, and that eating a good diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, will help to promote good health.
For me, a Raw food lifestyle begins with reassessing the basic foods provided for us by nature. In order to do that, I believe that it is essential to strip out of our diets all foods that are processed or packaged, loaded with artificial flavour enhancers and sweeteners and which are devoid of nutritional value.
Nature provides us with a whole array of healthy foods, which, when incorporated into our diet, provides us with vitality, good health and energy. These foods can offer a perfect nutritional package. When eaten Raw, we benefit from the maximum nutritional value that each of these foods offers.
I believe that ‘living’ foods – meaning those that grow in the ground – are our life force. By integrating living foods into our diets, we can look forward to wellness, greater energy, mental clarity, a positive outlook on life and spiritual awakening.
When you eat Raw food, you’ll notice that you don’t need to eat so much, or need to eat the heavier foods that you previously desired. Lighter food makes us feel lighter and more energized. You’ll never feel as if you are on a diet when eating this way.


Practising mindfulness toward food can help manage stress and improve digestion. Breathing before you eat and eating slowly, without rushing your food, can make a big difference. Additionally making sure that you are not emotional or stressed when you eat can be helpful for healthy digestion, vitality and longevity.


The Raw food lifestyle can bring even more benefits if you combine it with the daily practice of yoga or meditation. Daily practice can help you to become more connected to what feels natural and intuitive for your body and more able to listen to your body’s needs.
Practising meditation can help to minimise stress, while yoga can help to cleanse and purify the internal body, including the digestive system. When I started my own yoga studies and practice, I began to learn how yoga can improve the body’s internal health. When you are in a yoga posture,
you are temporarily cutting off the blood flow to certain internal organs. When you release out of the posture, fresh blood surges back and massages your organs, bringing nourishment to every blood cell and muscle in your body, from the inside out.

Yoga can also enhance your Raw food journey by helping to balance food cravings. Over time, you will notice that you no longer look for alcohol, sugar or chocolate to please you. You will enjoy more sustained energy and experience less mood swings, less low moods, less sadness, anger and frustration.

My soul purpose  is to help you transform to a lifestyle that provides you with a healthy life, a pain-free body, contentment and longevity. On my Raw food journey, I have learned new ways of creating healthy food that serves my body well and keeps me healthy. Life comes with choices, and you can choose Raw food healthy eating to become part of your life.
Be mindful of the foods that you put into your body. Make peace with your body and nurture it with the food it needs. By incorporating mindfulness, meditation it will help you be on the best path for not only your physical body but your life, it becomes a lifestyle. I am excited to bring to you my next dimension to my business, a comfortable stylish Boho clothing range you can throw on after a Yoga Class,  to go to the cafe, beach or wear out with your favourite wedges heels. These outfits look great with or without shoes. Living a Yoga lifestyle the more time  I spend in softer comfortable fabrics and bare feet the happier and radiant I feel. Being comfortable is everything, waring soft fabrics that don’t restrict you can make you feel calmer and relaxed. 

Check out my new range here.

N I C A U R A 

Nic comes from my nick name Nic and Aura an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object like the halo or aureola in religious art. The depiction of such an aura often connotes a person of particular power or holiness.

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