Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Please help us find MIA ❤️

Please help us find MIA ❤️

3 years ago I lost someone very special to my heart, at the time our hearts were Brocken, so we decided that day, despite the very stormy wet day to drive to our nearest RSPCA and rescue a CAT! 
As a child, I grew up with a beautiful big adventures black cat, and remembered loving having my cat on my bed close to me. 
Having a pet in your family home can bring increased love, happiness and comfort. Children love animals. It was the best thing I could have done around a time that was challenging, not only for me but for my angels. We bought her the best leather collar with diamontes spelling MIA! We gave her Lucia's first white crochet baby blanket, that was very soft & special, she even got the girls pretty white cot blanket for her bed. 

She came to us very scared and hid under the bed a lot, I had to remind the girls to give her space and to be gentle and kind. Overtime she relaxed and became our family Glamor Cat. Meaning the girls would dress her up in outfits, play with her, sing to her while she would sit looking glamorous and allow them to play. Our nanny Clara looked after Mia many of times and also helped Mia feel more at home by giving her lots of cuddles & attention. 
Like Clara, she was just the new member of our family we adored! 
Quietly I too became very attached to Mia. Even though Mia is very loyal to Lucia and sleeps on her bed every night, when Lucia was away she would sleep on mine and prrrr. Research shows us cats purring helps to keep your bones healthy. 
Mia loved joining me for yoga and especially meditation, cats are very spiritual  and love when you are at peace and calm. 

Mia went missing 13 days ago, while we had a friends dog visiting. How I wish I could turn back that day. I know the day she left and by the time I got home it was dark, and hard to find her. 
The old saying goes you don't realize ' how much you love someone, until they leave!' 

My action plan is getting more serious now as we tick off the list of things that we can do to help find MIA. 

All our local vets, pound, council  and rangers know of Mia disappearance. 

Posters are up in our local community and near my old home incase  she did make her way back. 

Next step is to try Facebook to spread the word in our Mosmsn Community. Steve our local vet said the more people that know the higher the chance of finding her! 
This Sunday I am organizing a MIA hunt. 

We have also chanted to help the universal energy find her, and daily prayer and visualization. 

I have to find Mia for more girls, we all miss her in our home greatly, especially my girls! 

If you live in the Mosman area please share the FB MIA missing event page to help. 

Any lead or sighting of a black cat, four white socks, white belly, should be wearing a pink collar with a bell please contact us. 

Please come home MIA, we love & miss you! 

With gratitude 
Nicky Lucia & Millijana