Sunday, February 12, 2017

NZ - a place I call HOME

 A few weeks ago I gazed out the aircraft window coming into land at Dunedin airport . I have done this over and over again for the last 25 years. Some coming back and forward  as a New Zealand Hairdressing Judge, NZ Judges committee member, Salon owner, Bikini Fitness competitor, some as the new bride, pregnant woman, new mother , divorced, Single, with my kids as babies & children.

As I gaze out the window again, over the familiar landing scape, into Dunedin  Airport, over the mountains, hills and ocean  I see bright green lushes of land.
I find myself awakening the smells of  the familiarity I know well  from growing up in Dunedin as  I disembark the plane . 
The smell of summer grass that Dad would cut, the sound of lawn mower, the sound of the horses shoes plodding down the dusty roads we rode, the heat of the burning NZ sun on my shoulders riding down the tracks on the horse to the beach and riding the sand dunes with my late friends Karen and Jayne,  picking  cherries from the orchards and the galloping down the orchards with my friends scaring away the birds, the fresh organic food , the morning frosts and the sound of the crunchy grass, the amazing sunsets behind Saddle Hill from my parents window, the buzz of Dunedin when the All Blacks were in town  , the sound of the crowds at Carisbrook. The memories live on.

My love and appreciation I have my country will always be deep, the earthy and humble people, my family my friends I  pride. No matter what part of the world you are from  "Home" I can imagine awakens these feelings and emotions,  when you touch down on your home-land, that triggers many senses in our mind, body and soul.

My recent trip was one I will remember, I had the most special time with my parents and especially my Dad, who is not well at the moment. We had so much time together to muck around in his garden and appreciate what he has worked hard all his life to harvest and create in my childhood background. 

It is very special and I am proud to say it is still my Dad's child-hood home he was raised in. My grandfather owned the house and raised the 4 sons and 1 daughter. All alive but one uncle.  My dad took over the family home and built my Grandfather the Granny Flat, which we call the 'HUT' 

So you can imagine the memories we share on this property,  I can still call HOME.

                                            Dad's Tasty Sweet Tomato's 

Dad's Beetroot 

True Friends 
"Carisbrook The House of Pain."