Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Get YogaFit - change your body, change your life.

I get it you are busy, life is busy. But it is no excuse in my book not to make time to exercise. 
We all get 24 hrs everyday, and it is up to us how we use this time effectively and efficiently. 

Making time for your health and fitness is becoming more and more important in today's world because people are living around more stress and demand than ever before. 

Yoga is the only exercise in the world that restores and energies your body, rather than deplete it.

 It doesn't mean to say don't work hard and do the other high intensity workouts, but at some stage in your life, your body will coming knocking to you with aches and pains, and that my friend is when yoga can be life changing. 

I eliminated so much tightness and pain out of my body, helped my joints from Arthritis and joint pain AND now it is my joy and passion to help many others around the world globally. 

I am giving away my awesome strong and restorative YogaFit workout. Why not  set your alarm early and practice a yogafit workout with me. 

If you want more workouts, recipes and detox plans then join my online coaching program now. 

It's is only $350 AU 
You will receive all you need to know to get cracking and get results. 

Here is what my participants have to say.

• Loved the mixture of different forms of Yoga and learning about food.

• I am so grateful this opportunity presented itself for me. 

• I found Nicky to be so eloquent and sensitive to each individual.

• Excellent, highly recommend it, each day got better

• The experience exceeded my expectations

Stay present, Yoga can help you let go of fussing and sweating the small stuff, and start putting the big rocks back in the right place of your life. 

To get my YogaFit workout click here


Love and light 

Nicky xx

To Join the 10 Week Yogafit Bikini Mama coaching and I will be in touch asap to organise your first health and wellness assessment, so we can kick start your body and get you the results you are after.