Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentines Day. Get my healthy and yummy raw chocolates.

Happy Valentine's Day ❤️

Valentine's Day is the holiday of Romance. But  not everyone is in a romance of LOVE in its active state and  ignited  tomorrow.
Practicing self love and loving everything and everyone around you I believe will help you stay in a state of love, vibrating healing energy. ❣

This Day is an opportunity to ignite and appreciate an existing relationship with romance and love. The added dose of romance will reset a stronger, passionate and ignited romance.

But for those out there not in a relationship here are my tips I will be practising tomorrow.

I did see and experience something today so I have written an inspired poem, even if it was for a short moment that reminded me of first love and feelings.

Here we go!

Unexpected Love and Connection

My Stomach starts to ache, my head drops and my hands shake

As he draws close to me, I throw myself into a headstand to detract myself from the feeling

My heart beats faster than ever before,

Until I hit the floor,

The butterflies tickle and tease until I can't take it anymore.

I begin to tremble and want to run, as he looks and smiles 

I can feel myself blushing, 

by looking down I tried to hide my fluster,

I look up and see his face staring at me, I smile softly, fill my water bottle 

With his handsome face, and fit strong body, 

he gives me a smile and a wink, 

So electrifying energy and connection,

I feel that this Prince Charming is for me

This feeling is more than a crush

when I think about him I get sudden rush

Why oh why, I wonder, can't he just be mine?

I wish tomorrow he was.... my valentine....

Nothing Like and old fashion Valentine’s Poem. But what about all those beautiful women out there not in a relationship too.  How can you spend Valentine’s Day?

Well I am one of those, single and seeking my dream man,  looking to find my life long soul mate.

 I remember finding this a few years ago on the Northern Beaches. someone is out there and he is getting closer and closer....

Check out my 5 Tips to spend a beautiful day for Valentine’s.

1.     Check out with your friends who is free and fun. Book in a breaky, lunch or movies with your friend, someone you know you can laugh and have fun with.

2.     Make my homemade chocolates for a male friend, or elderly person, remember giving something simple or doing something for someone else is what truly gives us a sense of happiness and fulfilment.

3.     Pick flowers from your garden or find some wild flowers, make a bunch and tie red ribbon around it. Give them to your children or an elderly person.

4.     Send a message of Love and Light out on your social media or send text messages to your family ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you!’

5.     Practice affirmations of ‘I love and accept myself just as I are, I am more than enough’

Nicky’s Raw Vegan Chocolates from her book The Power of Living Raw

Raw Goji Berry Chocolate Cake
Do you crave chocolate? Cacao powder is full of nutrients. It looks like cocoa but retains all its natural goodness making it a good substitute to eat when you crave chocolate. Serves 4
1 cup coconut oil
1 cup Raw cacao powder
 1/2 cup goji berries, plus extra to decorate 
1⁄2 cup  cranberries, plus extra to decorate
 1⁄2 teaspoon Himalayan sea salt
Melt the coconut oil in a pan over gentle heat until liquid. Add the cacao powder and salt and stir through. Add the goji berries and cranberries. Pour into a 61⁄2 x 4 in (17 x 11 cm) container lined with baking paper. Add more berries pushing them into the top for decoration.

Now for the big question, who will be receiving my Valentine's Home made Raw Chocolates and flowers???

Stay connected to see who is the lucky one!
Sending all the love and light out to the universe today and everyday of the year.