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Fertility Success Story


The story is common. Thinking back maybe we all learned our lessons too well back in junior high, that squirming uncomfortably feeling in class  as our Sex Talk  Teacher ominously warned how easy it was to get pregnant! Thankfully around those years I had the love and passion for riding horses, so boys was far from my mind. Many of us certainly devoted enough effort trying to avoid it all these years until the time was right. Especially I would think in late teens early 20's and now days even 30's. 

The fact is, however, that falling preganant seems to be often more difficult than we've assumed, especially the older we get.

Don't worry The Odds Are in Your Favor 

Rest assured that the odds are definitely with you. About 85 percent of all couples will get pregnant within a year, but it's also wise to have some realistic expectations. The average time it takes to conceive, for instance, is about six months, and women under 35 should wait until they've tried for a year before they consider calling their doctor or a fertility specialist with concerns, many women panic it doesn't happen automatically. I was 31 when I had my first baby, Lucia. It took me a sudden change in diet, and fitness regime to realise I had to pour absolute everything into looking after my temple to insure I would conceive quickly & smoothly. 

It took me 4 cycles to fall pregnant. The day I found out, my husband was singing on stage in an opera, I had to wait a very long 4 hrs before I was able to share the exciting and wonderful news. I spent that four hours looking in the mirror saying "OMG I am pregnant, I'm going to become a mum." I kept looking in the mirror trying to poke out my belly to try visualise what I would look like with a preganant belly! I loved the thought I had someone else to think about. It took every inch of selfishness away, I had a baby to care for from that day, and make sure that everything I did was helping me and my baby to have a healthy pregnancy. I embraced more of my yoga, I had a home practice and a room set up for meditation my babies  started yoga in my belly.

Meditation and Hypnosis relaxation was a big part of my practice.


In today's fast pace and demanding world we hear more and more women going through IVF... or having long periods of no luck. 

For older women, the picture changes. Not only could it take longer to conceive, but there are fewer chances of succeeding. It is still possible, and that is why holistic approach works for women over 35. 

Women 35 and older who think things aren't quite right, maybe their menstrual cycle is off, should bring that to someone's attention fairly quickly -- within three months if they're not pregnant yet,  your body speaks to you and it's very important to learn how to read it and listen to it's changes.

If things seem absolutely fine, then they should contact someone after six months. It can take that time.


One of my secrets is to let go of the obsession of thinking about it, to learn how to relax and work with your mind & body for a successful pregnancy, and birth. 

A recent story....

I first met Nicky in Oct 2016 when I attended my first yoga retreat with her. I had booked  a one on one coaching session  with Nicky and  told her that I wanted to refocus back on myself. I had some issues falling pregnant and it was consuming me. By the end of the retreat I felt good and  found myself happy to focus on me again.

I landed a job in the November and love did it. I was enjoying being me again. A few months ago I found work and trying to fall pregnant has consumed me once again and I have forgotten about myself. I started hating work and myself for not falling  pregnant. Nicky had a retreat coming up in March so I signed up and thought it's the right time for me to start focusing on myself again.

I missed the morning yoga session due to work. So I arranged to catch up at lunch with Nicky to go over a few things. I told Nicky that my partner and I were going to start IVF in a couple of months. Nicky set me a goal for the weekend a mindset exercise that was to let go. Let go of the stress of trying to fall pregnant and the stress of work. To let go off the attachment. 

The morning yoga of the second day I became frustrated with myself and couldn't focus on the yoga poses. I went to the raw tasting and cooking class. I found myself feeling a bit low.

 Although I was fasting. 

I was at home and it wasn't long until the afternoon yoga was going to start. I knew I had one last pregnancy test in the house. I said "In order for me to let go I'm going to get rid of the test!!" I didn't want to waste it either and thought its going to come back negative anyway. Just do it and let go of trying to get pregnant. After 3mins was about to throw it in the bin and I looked at it and it was positive. 

Nicky helped me to let go and in doing so I got the most wonderful gift you could ever imagine. No words can discribe how much going to Nicky's  yoga retreats and meeting her has helped me. I was so happy to share that moment with her.

Anonymous WA KARRATHA 🙏🏻💙


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