Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Moving Forward


Imagine you are balancing perfectly still in this yoga pose. You have one leg raised and one is  firmly planted on the ground. One hand reaching forward, one hand firmly gripping your foot, often grasping for breath and balance.  Your eyes are open, gazing forward, and finally you feel that moment where your  mind is free of thoughts and focused on nothing else but remaining still and calm. 

No matter how strong or balanced you are at holding this position, you'll always be moving, subtly to maintain balance, finding stillness, trying to go to your edge.

This is exactly what managing your life is like, just as you need continue to tweak your posture to maintain balance, and keep moving forward, you'll need to continue fine-tuning, tweaking and developing your mind body soul, your life philosophies, strategies and plans to remain successful happy and balanced. 

Keep your eye to where you want to go, not the last, but stay present in your day to day life, tweaking and knowing by keeping on the Moore and fine tuning when you can will help you move forward to reach your goals. 


Nicky Arthur

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