Monday, March 19, 2018

Embracing Your Beauty from within can be a journey.

Embrace your beauty from within can be a journey but it can be done. 

As I am now in my 46th year I am trying to embrace  natural beauty from within and inspire other women to do the same by learning all about your SKIN ~ your largest organ is a GUIDE to let you know what your internal health is. 

I am from the fashion industry and don't get me wrong, I love good hair, make up and fashion. I think its fun, creative and can make you feel feminine and womanly. My objective here is inner health and to inspire you to think about your skin as your largest organ learning how it can be your guide to how healthy you are from within. I know when my skin isn't glowing or breaking out I need to make some changes. 

Here is my experiment embracing my natural beauty. 

1. Allowing my natural hair colour to come in, no hair colour. My former background is owning Hair and Beauty Salons so I have been use to colouring my own hair for many years now. This is something I have always wanted to do, its not to say I won't ever colour my hair again... NO!

2. Allowing my eyebrows to grow in naturally so I can see their natural shape. Years ago this was fashion, these days eyebrows look so false and painted on, Men don’t actually like it!

3. Increasing water for hydration, I can see and feel the difference.

4. Focused on sleep and meditation for restoring my body and digestive system. 

5. Natural nails and toes, letting my nails breathe, loving this one.

6. Meditation can help with less frowning and anger shown on our beautiful face.  I am working with Men and women everyday and it is something I remind my clients to relax their facial muscles and try to smile within. Letting go of all those annoyances that can over time show lines and frowns on our face. Finding JOY within helps us stay young and vibrant! 

Embracing inner beauty as a mum and Fitness Coach I feel this is so important as today’s rapidly changing world is becoming more and more materialistic and fake. 

I have two beautiful girls and I want to be the best role model I can be for living a natural, balanced and healthy lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I love a filter and being creative on social media, snap chat and Instagram but if I can also balance that out by being brave enough to show my natural beauty I hope one day my own girls will learn from it and continue to embrace theirs. 

Embracing natural beauty is empowering, what every the colour of your skin, the size of you, tall or short, dark hair or light.   

It is  healthy as you aren’t relying on chemicals, make up or materials to MAKE you feel beautiful. I believe Real BEAUTY begins from within. As a young kid we have glowing young skin, when we age we have to step up to our health so you can continue to radiate your natural beauty. 

As a Fitness Coach you have to exercise to purge toxins, eat healthy, drink plenty of clean water and rest and restore. 
I use rose hip oil, coconut oil, Essential oils, sleep, Meditation and healthy nutrition to help my skin flow. 

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