Friday, May 11, 2018

Are you living your life feeling stressed? Do you want a coach? A MENTOR?

Nicky Arthur 10 Week Transformation is not just for Mama's it's IDEAL for Corporates and busy women.

It is the complete BODY WORK PROGRAM 

Are you living your life feeling stressed?
I know what that can feel like! I have been there before.
THE FACT: If you are stressed you SIMPLY will NOT lose weight easy, as stress hormones program the body to store fat, especially around the stomach area, and for women this is a stubborn hurdle.
According to statistics, chronic stress is the root cause of 90% illness, disease and weight gain.
Stress makes us stress eat, turning to sweets, artificial sugar or alcohol to self soothe, burns us out, robs our lifeforce, and depletes our energy so by the end of the day we have no Self motivation left.
Do you eat when stressed? Or over eat? Listen up!
The good news is through creating a healthy lifestyle with stress busting techniques that I have created over the past 8 years on my online programmes, health retreats and by educating you by eating a diet that is plant based and healing, you can undo decades of stress from the body and mind, just like I have done dropped away the stress, inches of belly fat quickly and easily, and restore your peace of mind and body confidence. Step by step.
My program Nicky Arthur 10 Week Transformation is not just for Mama's it's IDEAL for you if:
It is the complete BODY WORK including the Power of Raw.
Have tried all sorts of diets and fitness programs and still not really living in the body your dream, or maybe have fluctuated body weight time and time again.
You have 5 kg -30 kg to lose and you want it gone fast! Sonia shed 33 kg & Ann shed 21kg our very first success stories did this.
Do you want to learn how to fine tune your body
Do you always feel bloated even when you eat healthy
Is your body starting to show signs of increased aging, hormonal related weight gain, and lowered immune system.

Or Have you have gone through some intense kind of trauma or life circumstance and haven't been the same since (divorce, job loss, moving, health crisis)
Have you tried all sorts of diets, training, personal trainers and still not getting the change you want?
Do you want to lose inches around your middle?
Are you lacking muscle and want to learn how to sculpt your body with a new sexy strong lean muscular shape.
Many of my members relate to
✔️It's hard to turn your busy mind off at night and it's affecting your sleep
✔️You are feeling a little dis-empowered in your body than a few years ago.
✔️You need a structured plan that gives you results, addresses stress factors, lifestyle factors, healthy eating, inspiring exercises, gives you results and you need them FAST!
We are kicking off 26th May. Here is your chance of a lifetime to Buddy up with your 
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Contact me today I would love to speak with you about your goals and what you would like to achieve. Together we can do this. Nic xx

All you have to do now is reply “YES’ and I will be in touch with you and your Buddy.
Just Do it, what have you got to lose?! This program can be down in your own time,
at home or the gym.

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Nicky xx

11 October 2017

Sometimes what you think is the problem, isn’t actually the issue. I found this out over the last 10 weeks as I’ve undertaken one on one coaching with Nicky. I thought my problem was the weight I was carrying; in fact this isn’t the case.

By talking with Nicky week by week, we started to unravel of whole lot of thoughts and ideas I had about myself which were untrue and each time, I was able to start growing in a new direction. There were ups and downs, that’s part of the journey.

Life isn’t about what the scales tell you it’s just a number, life is about how you want to live your life and allowing yourself to change and grow. It’s about letting go of old ideas, thoughts and negative patterns that no longer serve you. By doing this you are able to move towards the life you really want. I have done this through the coaching and each day I find myself growing and being more open to the amazing life I already have and am further enhancing.

I would highly recommend one on one coaching, it opens up a huge opportunity to explore and as I say sometimes what you think it the problem actually isn’t. I look forward to my journey as it unfolds and am going to continue with the personal coaching, it’s be life changing.

TP - Dunedin NZ