Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aim for Balance

I love what Yoga teaches me on my mat and off my may. What we learn about ourselves can be taken to our outside world.
Something I have aimed for throughout my journey and life is balance. Having healthy ambition is not to push ourselves so hard that we are incapable of having a balanced life but also not to slacken right off and take it too easy.
From my discovery and self realisation on what it means to live a  happy, successful and productive life   means aiming for balance.
Old self limiting beliefs can occur such as 'Successful people are always busy' Try adopting a new belief today 'Successful people live a life they love and are at peace with it.'

Self- development takes you on a self discovery journey. It is easy to get caught up with life and old negative self limiting beliefs. There seems like a fine line between striving so hard to the your edge and slacking off. You can practice this in your yoga workouts, going to your edge but knowing when to ease off before the risk of injury. It is helpful to know your edge and aim for a healthy balanced ambition. So whether you are like me with lots of drive or a person who lacks it you can become aware of aiming for the balance. Maybe you need to push a little harder and let go of excuses that prop up in the mind such as ' I don't have time' or  'I can't do this' Changing mindset is the key to live the life you dream.

In our yoga philosophy to attain a balanced ambition your goal should not harm others or living things, not running over people in attempt to get ahead and not harming yourself and others when trying to accomplish things.
Maybe you have to change how you go about pursing a goal, perhaps shifting the time frame to achieve the goal, become mindful of how it may affect others.

My tip is to focus on the process, not the outcome. In yoga terms this is practising non-attachment.

1. Have clear defined goals
2. Map out where and how to get there
3. Look at a realistic time frame
4. Be mindful of your drive or lack of it, aim for a healthy balance daily
5. Believe in yourself and your goal and let go of the need for it to happen today... be patient.

Set your intention clearly and live your life accordingly with Love Peace Excitement  Joy!

Stretch your body and mind to your edge with awareness to know what your edge... you will receive an opening to your heart and mind to allow success happiness joy love to flow!